I Needed Help Putting Them On!

I don't usually wear them, but I was lent a pair on an outing with a work friend. They were really cute, black nets with red lace at the top! I loved how they made me feel. The problem was I needed a suspender belt to hold them up properly.

It resembled a bra and I was supposed to hook it around my hips and then clip the loose straps onto the stockings. Clearly I had never dealt with one of these things before. In the end she called her boyfriend to come and sort it out because apparently he was the best person. I would surely die.

"No! No it's fine, really!"

"Don't worry, I'm staying in the room I wouldn't let him if I wasn't there" she went.

They didn't seem to understand how I found the concept of some strange man kneeling behind me doing my suspenders up pretty embarrassing, but in he walked before I had time to argue further.

"Right come here!"

It didn't help having to make an immense effort not to smile or tremor my leg either because of how sensitive my thighs are to touch.

They did look good though.
AngelofPink AngelofPink
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Yes they do look good.

lucky chap!!

Very nice read

i find that once the belt is around your waist pull it down over your hips fasten the clasps to the stockings then pull the belt back up over your hips straighten the stockings out and your ready to go,