I Feel Gross In Boardshorts

I had no idea they even existed until well after my teenage years. Had I known as a kid, you would've had one hell-of-a time getting me to wear anything else whilst swimming. Unfortunately I had issues growing up that left me rather thin, so when I did find out about them I hardly ever wore them. I was just to self-conscious about my body, but now I have several places that I go during the summer. One is in a woodland area at the back side of a lake that requires a trek of about 10min down a once used gaming trail. I've never seen any one else there (seclusion is key for me). The other is on a large river with a fairly long beach which is also quite wide. I walk 10min thought the hot sand to a secluded spot and even though it's a busy boating and shipping lane I still enjoy my spot under a shady tree. So when I'm at those places, life is good
neurosleep neurosleep
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

hey nerosleep most of us guys like the way we look and you should feel the same its ok to find that special place every now and then but be dont let that thin body take you away get out there someday we may meet on the beach remember we guys come in all shapes and sizes so join us!!!!!!!!

It's always great to find that one special place, isn't it?