Dangling ****

Braless in a tanktop. This is my wife's favourite around the house wear, as per profile pic (she's cleaning the house). I love watching her while she's bent over cleaning, watching her bare breasts hanging and swinging while she's working. Most of those times end up with me pulling down her bottoms and f**king her. It's so sexy to finish up inside her then watch her pull her shorts back up again, her ***** full of my ***, and resume where she left off cleaning. :-)
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Steaming hot.

That is hot .

So hott!!! Would love to **** your wife and *** all over/inside her *****, have her pull her panties up and go home to you...knowing she's been a dirty little **** and has her ***** leaking *** all over...all while trying to pretend to be a good wife...when we both know better

Wow she is hot and sexy. Love it when wife does that..

My wife used to wear those tops while washing the dishes...she ended up bent over the sink a lot, and didnt understand why. I was so sad, the day the dishwasher was delivered!

Yep! Tank tops bra less are great!

Yes, this is indeed very sexy. I am fortunate in that my wife will also work in the garden like this. My neighbor tends to show up when she does. :-)

Won't you post a few pics of her like that so we can all enjoy what your neighbor is seeing!


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I love lt when women wear tops like that so we can see what they are sellin .

That sounds like the perfect defintion of a busty sexy hot wife ! cheers ! and i agree, bare back ******* rules ! cheers !

From the profile pic, I'd love to have her cleaning the house!

That was my wife's favorite outfit and it kept me....and some lucky friends.... horny all the time.... I can ujderstand your reaction to watching her/....

would love tooo see these boobs

Love to see more of her. please add me

so....will you add me please? I am dying to see her :-)

Would love to see more...Add me!

That sounds like heaven.

My wife dresses same at home. Please add me