Love Tank Tops

I do so love wearing tank tops and halter tops. Love how I feel in them and look. Oh yes I do love the looks I get too.
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7 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I am sure that you get a LOT of looks.... you are a good looking girl with a great figure!

Braless tank tops are so captivating... Thanks from all the people who see you wearing these!!!

I like them both as long as they are worn braless, but I do prefer halter tops.

mmmm I love that look too. I wish more women would do the same.

I bet U'r A Sexy Tease Baby , Love 2 see that !!

I'll bet you look fantastic in your tank tops

you love the looks.... I love looking....

I like your style....I dated this girl that would go braless when wearing a tank top. It was to big for her and when we would go dancing i would spin her around and one of her **** would come out of the arm hole in the tank top. She would cup her hand under her *** and slide it back through the arm hole. I would kid her about it and tell her there is no need to put it back in since i was going to be getting it back out