My Wife Is Wearing The Pants

It is a wonderful experience to live in a role reversed relationship.
I have been crossdressing back to my earliest childhood, always envying the girls for their pretty dresses and petticoats, later started with regular dressing on a daily basis, being out of my parents´ home.
My wife caught me with dressing shortly after we met. Blushing like a naughty schoolgirl, I had to sit down and confess. Everything, from the very beginning. And fantastic: being a saleswoman for ladies´wear, she reacted with so much understanding and support.
Now I am the one wearing skirts and dresses full time at home. She would be quite astonished to see me in pants when coming home from work in the evening. And she is wearing pants, exclusively. During the years I have got accustomed to it: Women are mostly wearing pants today.
I remember our first time when we attended a theatre performance in one of our neighbouring cities, with me in a beautiful prom dress, and her in a black suit (with a man´s shirt and tie). I will never forget it. We have been so proud to cross the lines so convincingly. A few people were looking, hesitating, but nobody made a comment. I only remember the smiling approval of an elder lady who well noticed what it all was about.
My wife has become the man in the marriage, enjoying me to be the girl on her side. And we are both happy with it. Consequently we have decided that I will become her cute and obedient housewife at home when retiring from work in the near future. I would never want to change back !
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love your story..i hope my own future will be along similar lines xx

so happy for you

wish i were


i was made to wear panties all the time an then at home in little girl shot skirts i am spank often for not doing house work an she has me lock in chastity its to small for her an dhe tont want me playing

Very nice story you are very lucky.

God how I would love a life like yours. My ex was disgusted when I came out to her and said she never wanted to see it, so I was a closet crossdresser most of my life. I am 60 now and live alone and I just decided about six weeks ago to indulge my dream and feminize myself. I have been living as a woman full time for the past month and I really love it. I'd be happy to be the wife for anyone, male or female but I doubt that will ever happen so I live vicariously thru wonderful people like you and your husband.

You are so fortunate to have such wonderful arrangement.

my dream is the same ..but life is different,,

I do think this will happen one day on regular basis, in my case I most probably won't be around to see it (old age ). But yes being a wife is a wonderful feeling we both had our names changed legally and back in the 90's that was one huge task. But today its just a matter of a few hundred dollars and some legal documents with social secruity. The huddles that Tom and I had to get over really held up our dream. But Ohhhh!! how I loved being the one in the dress.

And I am dreaming of a second wedding ceremony one day, just a symbolic renewal, with my wife wearing the tuxedo, and me in a beautiful bridal gown. And I would love it to take her last name in the marriage, to make a statement to others who is in charge and who will follow. Wearing the bridal veil, following her when we are opening the wedding ball, and being "deflowered" by my wife-husband in the wedding night, that would be the most wonderful day in my life. And I would passionately train myself to give my correct, new name with the signature and to reply correctly on the phone. I would be so proud and happy to be Mrs. Hername.

I told my x-gf that I would NEVER get married again unless " I " wore the wedding gown and she a tux. Maybe thats why she's an X -LOL-
But I stand by this

Oh yes being taken like a woman!! That is the reality I want !!! Oh that so turns me on!!!!!!!!!

Yes, let us be the wives in the marriage ! Cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, and being taken like a girl in the bedroom, with her on top ! Our women are wearing the pants now, and we all love it that way. They can do it, being head of the household, leading us. Who knows, perhaps male housewives will be a normal phenomenon one day ? Oh, I would love it !

I too am fortunate enough to be my Woman's Wife but She doesn't take on a male persona. No...we are both into all things Feminine so we exist as "girlfriends" and i Love it! I just consider myself to be the Wife because I am retired...She still works...and I just take over ALL household duties and hopefully look the part of a 50's style housewife when she gets home. It ain't easy doing ALL the the meals and looking pretty for Her when She gets home but it's SO worth it! I feel honored that She would accept me as Her wife so I strive very hard to be the best I can be. Just wish I were a little younger and prettier.

Good for you, I would so love it if my wife felt that way. Kisses sweetie!