It's Only Been Recently

That I started to wear thongs.  Started off with a fetish for sex toys (butt plugs to be exact).  I would put one in and go about my day.  Some plugs would require me to devise a harness or crotch strap that would go around the waste, then through the crotch, to make sure the plug stayed in place.  I was thinking that a thong would do the same job.  Then one day, I was doing the laundry and came across one of the wifes thongs.  Strange thing was that I did not recall her wearing one (I am usually on top of what she wears down below and thongs are rarely used).  Anyway, I looked at it and thought maybe I could wear it.  So I tried it on.  The waist and crotch portion somewhat fit, but of course, being made for a woman, there was nothing in the way of a pouch for my stuff.   Well, I wore her thongs for awhile, not quite everyday, but at least every few days.  It was nice, but I wanted more.  So, online I went and ordered some mens thongs.  WOW, what a comfort!!  Anyone who would say "yuck" from a male prospective has to give them a shot!  So damn comfy.  Another plus, is that I love Boxer Briefs, but hate that the legs always ride up.  The thong removes that problem!  I am buying more thongs today!

Javan Javan
41-45, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I guess that I may be one of the exceptions here then, I wear these for the comfort. I told the wife I was wearing them and she could care less. So, I don't care. They feel good and that is what matters to me.