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Hello. I just joined this group and I was happy to see it. I am a male in my 30s and like to wear thongs on the beach. I was skinny and shy in high school and would have never considered one. I remember seeing how much attention the more muscular guys always received. I was determined to add some muscle so I did. I got to the point where I was proud of my body and liked the way it looked. When I would go on vacation, I would notice guys wearing thongs occasiaonlly and of course the looks they got. I finally got up the nerve to try one. My first time was on Cocoa beach in Florida a while back. I was apprehensive but soon got more comfortable in them. No I feel overdressed if I am not wearing a thong at the beach. My opinion is that guys look ridiculous in those board "dork" shorts. I mean what's the point? It's also too bad that alot of people assume you must be gay if you wear a thong. I don't really understand this one. Anyway, I would like to chat with others (male or female) about this subject too. Have fun at the beach
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Ive been wearing thongs to tan in for years now, and in the past 6 or so I've pretty much only worn what has now become known as the ''Towie Thong' (yes they were around long before those boys started wearing them!)
Love the style and attention, love the tan lines!
I don't care what others think, I work out hard and feel I look good tanning in them.

Ive been wearing thongs to tan in for years now, and in the past 6 or so I've pretty much only worn what has now become known as the ''Towie Thong' (yes they were around long before those boys started wearing them!)
Love the style and attention, love the tan lines!
I don't care what others think, I work out hard and feel I look good tanning in them.

Yeah right on. Love to chat.
I too can't see why men showing off is automatically considered Gay yet women can wear the sexiset outfits and its all OK

I learned long ago not to worry about conforming or worrying about what other people think. I have worn Speedos for years and I know how most people feel about them, but I don't care. I enjoy wearing them.

Try the Thong Wearers Message Board

I think you will find the information on wearing thongs on the beach useful. There are lots of threads on which beaches are thong friendly.

I'm about to be a first timer wearing a thong swimsuit in Mexico. I wear thong underwear 24-7, but never worn a thong in public. Can't wait....I'm kind of excited.
I'm not sure what the response will be from my wife or other people (but don't really care).

i admire guys who wear thong at the beach. i never did wear thong at beach but i am willing to wear. i wear my thong at home.

I wear thongs on the beach most of the time. Occasionally I will get "spoken to" by the lifeguard, but most of the time nobody cares. Frequently women will ask to take my picture, and if they ask nicely, I usually say ok. You do have do be a bit of an exhibitionsist to pull it off if you are not in an area where thongs are "well established", but it certainly is lots of fun, and you definitely get more attention from the women.

I live in Montreal and found in a sector of Maisonneuve Park, a place where people are thonging under the sun. Last summer I went there many times and enjoyed a lot of attention wearing my smallest electric blue g-string from Gregg. It's very sexy with a push-up front. I feel I deserve wearing such a garment since I train every other day and have packed some nice muscles. At 23 I don't feel shy about my body and ''nudity''. I just have to stay legal by covering the front...

I soon discovered that the crowd was mostly men and mostly gay. I'm a straight guy with a steady girlfriend. Besides that, I discovered that I'm also an exhibitionnist at heart and that those gay guys were an enthousiast and happy audience. Many came to compliment me about my minimal suit and tight bulge. After a couple of times, I decided to pu on a cockring to make shure my bulge was always at it's best. I chose a ring made of transparant silicone, because the front of my g-strin is so low that sometimes it shows (depends on my hardness). After a while, as soon as I was throwing my towel to the ground, a small circle of guys was gathering around me to get a better look at my body and package. Some even asked me if they could feel the softness of the thin lycra. I always refused but was pretty worked up when I saw my girlfriend at night.

With time, some of my admirers became kind of friends and I felt at ease to let them put suntan lotion all over my body. I even let them have a feel at my protuding pouch. At the end of the summer I asked one of my most avid admirer (whom switched from a thong to a tiny g-string during the summer) to follow me in the nearby bushes. There, I made a sexy ***** danse, playing with the string sides of my tiny ''nothings'' and pushing on the front to show the base of my hard ****. Getting more confident by the minute, I removed the garment and placed it over his face. His reaction of putting the material in his mouth proved me he liked the move. He then jumped on his knees in front of me and began massaging my **** with my own g-string. I couldn't stand it anymore and shoved my very hard manhood down his throath and ****** hard until I came in gallons.

Never saw this guy (or any of the others) again since summer is gone. My girlfriend still doesn't know about my little ''games'' and I feel I might do it all over again next summer.

I ran a mile two days in a row at sunrise on the beach only wearing a thong. Was really energized being so close to nude running out there. I almost freaked out when I saw a cop car parked next to the beach. I later realized that it must of had engine trouble since it never moved in a day. No one really seems to bother but you do get some stares. Life is beautiful.

I ware a thong today in my own back yard and it felt great i was nervuse but I am not going to stop should had did it years ago i am 50

I live in a country made up of over 7,000 gorgeous islands -- and I can't just wear a thong without getting stares or hear distant laughs. And this from people who are supposedly proud to live in a westernized Asian country. Talk about being tantalizingly close. So near and yet so far.

I am very much into wearing thong swimwear on the beach too. Even on nude beaches I wear my skimpy male swim thongs. I love my thongs, my thong tanlines and get a rush when I see other fit males wearing thongs on the beach.

Yea I'm a guy to but I don't wear thongs at the beach I wear them every where

I've worn thong swimsuits and underwear for at least 15 years. If the beach is a bit too crowded I'll switch to a narrow side bikini. I'm long past being concerned about who thinks it's not "proper". Wearing knee length dork shorts seems a complete waste of time and results in really silly tanlines.

Thongs are great all round. I love them on the beach and the tan lines cannot be beat. I wear them on occassion for lap swimming and you will not find a faster suit. Joe Synder and Skinz are the most durable.

I wear a thong or small bikini as I walk the mile and a half to the nude area at Perdido Key. I have had some stares but never a negative comment. One Park Ranger about ten years ago suggested that my suit was to little but after a brief talk he just moved on. I have worn a thong in the lifeguard area well away from the crowd. I'm not a fitness buff and I don't care if they love to look or not - the suits are comfortable.

love to meet a hot guy wearing a thong on the beach

love to meet a hot guy wearing a thong on the beach

I have been uilding up the courage to thong on a beach and after reading your story (and the comments) I am def going to give it a try and see what happens!, hope you add me and I will let you know how I get on! thanks again

I've recently made the switch to speedos when i go to the beach. Sooooo much more comfortable! I still need to work on my body to pull of a swim thong... they seem even better to swim in though!

Right now I am in Japan. I hope to get to Europe soon. the last time I was in Germany they seemed fine with thongs or going nude. so I did both :)

Come to europe :) We love to wear thongs and here people are less freaked out.. Love to wear them on the beach :)

I am 39 and have worn thongs my whole life. I am in the military and travel a lot as you would guess and the only place that seems to be freaked out about a man in a thong is the US.<br />
I go to nude beaches most of the time becaues I 1 get a better tan and 2 no one cares what you wear.<br />
When I can't go to a nude beach I go to the thong. I get weird looks and comments from men but their girl friends don't seem to mind.<br />
<br />

I wear thongs on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, regularly. I run the length of the beach and back, in a thong, 3 to 4 mornings a week. <br />
Sometimes there are negative comments from a drunk red neck or stupid teenage boys, but mostly there are warm smiles and thumbs up from a lot of the beach population. Probably about 95% positive responses compared with the less than 5% sour looks. <br />
Some times people will look to the life guards to see if they will say anything to me, but the life guards just smile and wave as I run by. This helps establish the ba<x>se line, if the life guards don't care there is no problem.<br />
I am not a well muscled guy. Running on the beach sand does help my legs and it does help that I am not over weight. What I have developed, over the years, is confidence.<br />
To start with you have little confidence and so need to muster up your courage. Over time your confidence will grow and so you will need less courage.<br />
You will still need courage and cool if when confronted by some idiot who thinks it's his job to tell you what to wear, but this too is a learned skill. You just have to do it often enough that you don't let one stupid person negate all the good vibes and joy from the rest of the population.

I wear thongs on the beach and let them stare. By the way the gay myth has to be perpetuated, usually only gay men have the gym sculped body plus the nerve to wear a thong at the beach. We need some guys to carry on the stereotype that we are all Adonnis like in looks. I actually am not. I am a gay bear and and hairy and weigh about 225. I get nasty comments like Sasquatch and get told to cover it up more, I tell them don't look if it offends you. Plus nobody minded when I lived in France. You were lucky they wore a thong at all. There are 2 types of beaches, family and adult... Lots of fun, plus when I am on vacation why do I care who likes or does not like me in a thong. I am covered where I need to be... Good for you wearing a thing on the beach and having a hot body.

last week i took another trip to the beach, i did not wear a thong today,but a very ,very tint g did not cover very much at all. it was very warm and no one was on the beach, it was only 8.30am .about 10am i saw a man walking toward the beach ,he must have walked around for about half an hour and than set his chair up about 10 feet from me. he then walked over to me ,to ask you any one could wear a thong on this beach, i told him yes. he took one look at what i was wearing and said i like your suit where did you get it,i told him on line,at the same time he would not take his eyes off my package,i was getting hard and could not cover my self.he than ask me if i had a lighter he could use, has i made a move in my chair my g string open in the front he he could see every thing.i gave him my lighter and than tryed to cover up,he took another look and said i do like that tiny thing you have on.he moved to his chair to remove his shirt and shorts ,at that time i could not belive my eyes,he has on a yellow thong ,and a huge package he then walked back over to me and gave me my lighter back with that big thing hanging down in front me,what a day at the beach,we did not make a move all day with out our eyes on each other.

hi thongs are ok in ohio in state parks on the beach and woman can go topless to but I have been to Lauderdale to and it is great I also ware dores to ,do you know if they are cool with the fishnet missle thong there?

Yep, Fort Lauderdale is normally cool for thonging. That's one of the advantages of living here.<br />
<br />
Sorry your trip was so cloudy. We normally get quite a few good days in the spring, but when the fronts move in it can be cloudy and windy for several days in a row.<br />
<br />
In the summer it rains most days, but mainly in the afternoons. So in the summer go to the beach early, early and enjoy the sun while it's still out and the beach sand is cool enough to walk on.<br />
<br />
Teen boys often making comments, no matter where you are. Just ignore them. In time they will grow up.<br />
<br />
See you on the beach. JM

I go to Cocoa Beach quite a bit and wear a thong on the beach every day. I have had a few snide comments, mostly from teenagers in board shorts (never could figure that one out) but have had quite a few women come up to me to talk and take my picture. It took a bit to get the confidence up but now I enjoy walking on the beach in my thong. A few weeks ago, I had to go up to the Cocoa Beach pier to the gift shop and turned a few heads when I walked off of the beach and up on the pier and into the gift shop. When I came out, I was in a crowd of people and once they noticed what I had one, they parted like the Red Sea to let me by. It was a lot of fun.

Wow looks very cloudy. That's a bummer. I went in early April last year and the weather was perfect.

Glad to hear. I agree Ft. Lauderdale is awesome for thonging. Most are very tolerant and people seem to be friendly or they mind their own business. I heard that they were illegal on cocoa beach though. You will find that most people are stuck up on South beach but nonehte less lot's of beautful people barely dressed.

While in Cocoa Beach it was cold and gloomy. There were mostly old people that scavenged the beach so it turned out boring. So on the 3rd day I drove to Ft. Lauderdale. I fell in love with the area. I wore my Dore thong the whole time. I only got a few looks, otherwise nobody seemed to care. It was cloudy about 50% of the time that day but otherwise it was beautiful and 81 degrees. I did not get to wear my smallest 3D Dore thong which is white, but I did wear the red and black very low cut thong. I am already in the planning stage for another trip down next month. I will also visit Miami while I am down there. I may buy another thong or two to wear there and I will be asking my lady friend if she wants to join me as she is a thong wearer too. I will posting some pics and will put a link up very shortly.

tlutrell you must be back by now. How did your trip go? I hopethe eather was decent for you.

I'll be in lauderdale in feb. It will be my first thong wearing outside of 1 time at the condo pool which did not go well (homophobic comment from teenagers). <br />
I got a speedo lyrca spandex blend. <br />
tluttrell how did your week Cocoa Beach go?

Dore's are a little too extreme for me. I prefer Skinz and Suits You.

Well good for you. I'm jealous. I will most likely be going to Florida in March-April. If I was you I would definitely go to Ft' Lauderdale. I personally do not like Daytona. There are too many rednecks and the town/beach are scummy in my opinion. Have fun while you are there and let me know how it went.

Well, I just received 3 new thongs from Dore in Ft. Lauderdale, I plan on wearing them. I also have a modest thong from bikini-beach and others from Dore. I am packing all of them. I hope it will not be as cool as they are forecasting, or I might have to drive to Ft. Lauderdale to wear them. I will have pictures and video from there. Too bad the shuttle wont be going up this month. I am getting ready, only two days until its beach time.

That's cool, In fact I will be at Cocoa Beach Jan 14-18, 2008. I plan on only wearing thongs the entire trip If feasible. I also plan on ordering a few new ones from Dore`. I have also been trying to post replies on Thongboard Aimoo, but there are some bad conflicts right now with Mac OSX software. Maybe it will get fixed in the upcoming months. I May visit Daytona for a half day and see how well it goes over for thonging near the pier. Maybe I will get to see the Space Shuttle land while I am there as I will miss the launch by 4 days.

That's great to hear. I was in florida last spring and visited Daytona around Easter. I didn't really care for the area as I thought it was pretty scummy. Thongs are also not very popular there I found. the weather wasn't all that great either though. I do like the wide beaches at low tide though. I didn't really care for the driving on the beach though. It appears that there are alot of rednecks as well. I was the southern end of Daytona (Ormond or New Smyrna I forget). There was an older crowd there. I did feel a little out of place in a thong on the beach but I didn't let it bother me. There is no freer feeling than wearing next to nothing on the beach. I will probably not go back to Daytona. A much better area which I also visited was Miami and Ft. lauderdlae. These are much more fashion forward beaches and a younger crowd. It was great to be able to fit right in while wearing a thong and getting a max tan. t was also nice to be able to jog on the beach for miles right past beach patrols and cops without even a concern.I will be going back there again this year.

I am not a muscle guy, but I love wearing thongs as well. When in Florida, Its all I wear on the beach. Daytona, Ormond, Cocoa etc.