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Love Thongs.......

Some women have asked me...."how do you wear those things? does the string up your butt not bother you?" well I tell them no it does not, get the right size and you do not even notice it there. I like them because they are sexy, look great, and I HATE under wear lines!! nothing worse having a great out fit on and damn....good old under wear lines showing right through!!

SassyBabe39 SassyBabe39 46-50, F 3 Responses Jun 7, 2010

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Well smart girls would not walk around in the winter in a mini skirt, LOL<br />
but love the thongs because I hate under wear lines, find the perfect size and they are very comfortable, you do not even feel the thong part of it :)

Yes! Winter.... I always wonder some of the womans can walk in the frozen winter in miniskirt, and didn't freeze to the death....

no kidding that is totally insane!!

it sucks in the winter though....have to have the extra long jacket to keep your butt warm...LOL