Newly Found Treasure

So, I've always had a curiosity of how it would feel to wear a thong.  I was at a good friend of mine's place for a party and went to the bathroom that was in her room because, "all the bathrooms were taken and I had needed to pee really bad."

I get in the room, lock the door and think about looking through her panty drawer for a thong.  I find one with a simple design that I know she wouldn't notice missing and quickly stuffed it in my pocket.

I think it feels great wearing one because they make me feel good and boxers...well boxers are getting old..except the silk ones..well we'll see if if I can start to tell my friends about this and I'll keep you all posted.

Any suggestions on where I should buy?
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2007

Well, when i was 15 years old i took couple of thongs from my freinds sister room, and later on i tried them and kept them until i found male thongs in shops and started to buy one after one. Now i have more than 50 thongs and more than 10 speedos. <br />
I only wear thong daily its so comfy and sexy.<br />
<br />
What i know now, if u love to wear thongs go to male thongs otherwise it will be very weird caught in Girls stuff.<br />
<br />

For me, going to Victoria's Secret is fun and an adrenaline rush. The thongs and v-strings with "Victoria's Secret" written on the waistband were recommended to me, and they are comfortable all day and less expensive. The satin thongs they have online can be great as well. Have fun.

Victoria's Secret, bro. Honestly, there are always guys in VS buying gifts for girls that no one asks any questions--and though on the tad expensive side- they are, in my opinion, the most comfortable. Also Aeropostle have nice ones.