G String Day :)

I'm wearing my low rise purple g string out and about today, it was showing in earlyer while i was in class, a couple people were checking it out but whatever! i love them
sass777 sass777
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5 Responses Sep 29, 2011

I only wear thongs or g-strings... who cares what others think, you love to wear them that is what matters :)

If I'm going to a hot party, I always wear a crotchless g string under my leather mini skirt. It makes for fast access.<br />
These days I only wear thongs or g strings as underwear and only thongs on the beach

Have been wearing g-strings and thongs daily for four years. Have over 100 and absolutely love them. They make me look and feel so sexy.

You are so naughty! I do the same thing...lol

I love thongs and I wear them almost everyday.