Love 'em

Thongs!! They make u feel sexy in ur own skin. I wear them so many times, to so many place. They feel best under skirts. And teasingly enough, i keep the strings of the thongs above the skirt. Its an unusual feeling of sensuality. Most of the men ive known closely have always admired thongs on my curvy body. Plus they add to the naughtiness.
sharon9 sharon9
18-21, F
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I would love to see you in just a thong baby

Totally agree

I love how you acutely exercise your sensuality Sharon wearing your sexy thong under your skirt in lieu of pants, and by keeping the strings aloft your skirt. How deliciously daring. A sexy thong exudes breathtaking allure on the curvaceous body of a female i believe such as your goodself Sharon. I would assume wearing a thong affords you with some arousing side benefits when you allow your body to appreciate the feeling of the fabric of the thong as it weaves its magic on you. Mmmmmm Sharon, how lovely.<br />
<br />

To discover the sight of a thong.. seeing it's presence, perhaps she bends over and it peeks out from her backside.. is such a warm revelation. I love it!! Does send a message, "Hey I'm sexy".<br />
as if we did not know before..

Hi Sharon....I loved seeing your honest note on how you feel when wearing a thong. I can tell you that from my own personal experience, as a guy, there are few things sexier than knowing that my partner has a gorgeous petite thong worn under her skirt or jeans, tightly hugging her body, and knowing that she feels so naughty, sensual and sexy when wearing it, and that she is willing to be a little teasing with it as well.<br />
Little revelations like this make the world a better place....:)