Thongs. Wish Id Made The Change Way Sooner. Im Hooked!

Ya ya ya. I know I'm a little late to finally have gotten adjusted to wearing a thong everyday. Glad I did though . I wore them a few times in my past but only when necessary, like on prom and graduation but immediately had them off once everything was over. I just wasn't giving myself enough time to get used to the wedgie sensation you can't pick . On top of that my first thong experience was uncomfortable, not properly sized, hard to forget about and eventually ended up being humiliating when a dumb ***** grabbed it and gave me an absolutely undeserved wedgie right in the middle of class. what was a silly prank actually convinced me that the pros out weigh the cons on this debate. Sooo Me and my crew went on a huge adventure that needed a boat so we rented a huge house boat for that was lasted almost four days and my best friend switched every pair of panties I had pack with thongs. Didn't find out til we were god knows how many mile away from land. I wasn't happy at first but I had no choice and after the second day I knew that I'd be changing my style of panties real soon. Been thong minded ever since . 24/7 365. I love my thongs and the way they feel. Funny thing about it all is I've come to like mine a lil tighter then average. Tight and snug so they stay in place. But once used to the feeling you will be able to wear any kind of underwear and be comfy . Butt covers- exempt.
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Thongs are sexy as ****.. you ever show em off :)

i am a guy and i have been wearing woman thong for a long time now i love the feel

Heya cool storie :)

same happened to me it takes some time to get used to them

The dam things must have been thought up by a guy I have tried to wear them, and I must admit they do look hot but I spend all day chewing my knickers if you know what I mean .

Ya they can be annoying. Once I found my desired fit and that style I wanted I can't see myself considering another style of underwear. The freedom the offer and the feeling of soft snug fit what I think won me over. Once you get comfortable in them you'll wish you'd made the change a long time ago. No more wedgies in its own sense. I'm sold. Lol plus there is a little excitement to them when your up to no good. Lol

Thank you for sharing. Feel free to add me.