First Time Buying A Thong

I've always been kind of shy, but when I married my husband that all started to change. I wanted to shed my "good girl" image, and get a little "naughty". I wanted to please my husband in every way. I wore very conservative clothing and all ways wore a bra. It was not proper to not have one on at all times except when I was sleeping. Then it was a t-shirt and sweat pants. My husband loved me just the way I was but I wanted to be sexier for him. Especially when the first time we went clothes shopping for 3 hours and had a blast.

I found out my husband has great taste in clothes and loved picking out outfits for me to try on. That was when I got the first sign my husband liked me in a lower neckline and a shorter dress he did not pick out any thing that was really short or low-cut but I had the feeling he was being safe not to offend me. So the next time we went shopping I let him pick me out some stuff and I picked out stuff and did not show him before I went into the changing room I put some of the stuff he picked out on first and did my little fashion show then I put on some of the stuff I picked out. It was a low-cut cotton shirt that showed a good amount of cleavage and a pair of tight short shorts. When I came out of the dressing room I thought my husband was going to have a heart attach. I first thought I had made a mistake in my outfit but then the smile came and he said “I love that one” I got so excited I walked over to him with the most sexiest walk I could think of and gave him a very long kiss then turned and wiggled me *** all the way back to my changing room to put my sexy dress I picked on.

I pulled my top off and shorts than pulled the dress over my head looked in the mirror and did not like what I was seeing I can see my panty lines and they make the dress look bad. now I am starting to get upset what am I going to do so I think I will just have to take them off so I did and look in the mirror and the dress looks a lot better but I am very nervous about going out to show him I have never done any thing like this before. I open the door and look out and see no one but my husband so out I come smile and walk to him he has the biggest grin on his face I happen to look down and see a huge bulge in his shorts that wiped any nervousness I had away. This dress was not a micro dress or any thing but I had never had one on shorter then 2” above my knees it was just above mid-thigh any way I walk up to him and put my hand on his **** and gave him a big kiss he put his hand on my butt and found out I did not have my panties on. I told him we needed to go to Victoria’s secret.

Ok, so my husband and I have bought the outfits I picked out and left the others in the changing room. We are walking through the mall and my husband keeps sliding his hand down my back too my *** and squeezing. I of coarse slap it a way and giggle telling him to stop with absolutely no conviction. I am getting so wet and thinking I must be losing my mind what will people think if I start walking around in short skirts and dresses with low-cut topes. Then he did it again and that was when it hit me. I love him and look how happy he is. He is like a kid that got a new toy for Christmas. I laugh and say come on I’m not done turning you on yet. I said it louder then I thought and two guys turn around and look at me. I just smiled and walk into Victoria’s Secret. Now I have to admit to something my mom was never home and did not really teach me about any thing girly I just picked thinks up from my girlfriends’ and there moms. So as I walked in to VS for the first time this very sexy girl greeted me and asked if she could help me.

So I said yes I just got a new dress and needed something to go under it because the panties a have on show lines. Well she asked what sizes may bra and panties are. I told her I think 34b but not shore. She then asked if I had ever been fitted I looked like what do you mean fitted. Well the next thing I know I have this very sexy girl raping a tape around me her head right in my breast getting my size and telling me my breast look like a C cup not a B. Here is my husband just standing in the middle of VS looking at this girl allover me getting my sizes. I really think he was thinking I have died and gone to heaven. Well with all of the sexy bras, panties and sexy girls running around I really think he was drooling. Now the girl is asking about padded or not I have never had a bra that was lined let alone padded. So she just smiles takes my hand and we are off getting all kinds of them. Then it was panties and she talked me into trying a thong. So off to the dressing room we go and I start trying on the bras. I put the first one on and I felt great I never new I was always wearing the wrong size. The sales girl asked how it felt and I let her in she made an adjustment to the straps and said it looked great and she opened the door and called my husband over to look he was smiling and said I looked sexy but he thinks I need a top before we leave.

We all laughed! The girl I think was feeling the playfulness that my husband and I were having and joined in. Ok great she says just standing there with the door open and asked to see the sexy dress I told her about. So I pull it out of my bag and put it on over my head and after it was on I pulled my jeans off. I looked good! The bra I had put on was lightly padded and gave me a little more cleavage. I said to the girl see how you can see my panty line she said yes I see that. You only have two choices go commando or wear a thong. I told her I don’t think I can do commando and I have never had a thong. She says to me I am commando right now it’s a lot of fun. Now my husband is standing right there and she unzips her black dress pants and flashes us her *****! Now I can see she is fully shaved. I was so wet I look at my hubby and he was all most coming out of his shorts by now. The girl zips up and called a co-worker over that was walking by and asked her what choice she would make telling her that I have never gone commando or worn a thong. The co-worker, who is just as sexy as the first one is. Says then go with the thong that way you will still feel something on you. I wear them all the time. She unzips pulls her paints down shows us her thong turns to shows the back for us fixes her self and says good luck and goes to help some one. I look at my husband he looks like a blindsided dear. I ask him so what do you think? He smiles at me and says I will take one of each to go please.

We all laugh again I don’t know what came over me at that point but I pulled my dress off. Then the bra and panties come off. Now I am naked with the door wide open as a woman walks into the next dressing room and sees me naked. I grabbed one of the push-up bras we got for me to try on and put it on and asked does this look right the sales girl is just looking me up and down steps up to me fixes one strap puts her hand in the top of the bra and cups my right breast adjusts it a little then softly squeezes my nipple. Then does the same thing to the left one. I am just looking into her eyes and loving every bit of it. She says that’s much better. I ask her to pull off the tag and I pull the tag off the thong put it on. I then turn walk right out of the dressing room in my push-up bra and thong. To my husband give him a very deep kiss and ask what do you think. That’s when I see out of the corner of my eye a man waiting for his wife. (Remember the woman that walked into the fitting room next to me.) I did not hear what my husband said to me but I kissed him again turned and walked as sexually and slowly back into the dressing room to put my dress on.

After I had it on I turned to look in the mirror the girl helps adjust the dress a little stands next to me looking in the mirror at me seeing the great cleavage from the low-cut dress her hand slides over to my *** and she gives it a light squeeze says you look very sexy. At this time I am so turned on. I am ready to have sex right in the middle of VS. I thanked her gave her a hug and a deep kiss. Well I was doing this she had the chance to squeeze my *** with both hands. I asked her to get me two more push-up bras and some thongs. What ever she thought was the sexiest. At that time I heard the guy out side tell my husband he was a very lucky man to have such a bold wife. He and the man just watched all this happening with my door wide open my husband just said you have known idea. He took my hand pulled me in tight and kissed me deeply I swear my leg went up at the knee like in the old moves It was so sexy. I then walked back into the changing room and pulled of the dress and put on the top I had got with the dress put the shorts on looked in the mirror loved the look it was very low-cut and with the push-up bra that I almost felt that if I breath to deeply I will fall out of my top. But I loved the look on the two men watching me do all this. We met the sales girl at the check out desk pad for three push-up bras and six very sexy thongs (that’s all I wear now if any). My husband took the sales girls hand kissed it. Looked her in the eye and said “Thank you for what you have just done for my wife. We will definitely be back but for now I need to go pleasure her like she has never been before.” The sales girl said it was all her pleasure and to call her if he ever wanted help pleasuring his very sexy wife.

But that is a new story.
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u made me hard.. thanks ..

Cool story!

wow hot hot hot!!! you are a hell of a writer. i loved your story and wish i was there to watch.

How long did it take you to develope your naughty side? I've been trying to change my image for almost a year and am just now starting to see rsome esults. When everybody thinks of me as a nice girl it is hard to change that perception even by showing some skin.

loved your story, thanks

WOW very cool dear. Well written and very sexy.

What fun! Good story

Great story, its obvious both you and your husband had a wonderful time! So nice that you were open to dressing a bit more daring, and ended up BOTH enjoying it so much! :)

hot story, I am sure he loves to shop with you

What a fun story! Thank you!

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What an AWESOME wife you are!!!! A great story!!!

What a beautifully sexy story. I'll bet it was great when you got home. Any follow up to this story? We are anxious to know!

I'll read it right away!

hope its as good as this one :)

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What a very fun story,thank you.