Switched To Thongs Two Months Ago And Its Official. Thongs Are Here To Stay.

A couple months ago I tried out a package of men's thongs I seen at my local department store and couldn't get over the comfort. It wasn't the first time wearing one or anything like that. I had wore them for 18 months when I was 18-19 but other peoples opinions force me to abandon the gander of udies. Now withal few more years of life I decided to make.one last effort after discovering the most cozy and snug thongs I had worn. Well I made my firstpurchase in the store and conqoured that fear. That was the biggest obstacle becuz I was too scarped to be seen on the isle let alone stand in front if the thong section, pick out my size and style,take them to a checkout stand ,lay them on the conveyor belt for all to see, and personally hand over money and walk a with them. After getting that worked out with I've been back to the store multiple times and bought thong underwear for men mostof the time. I have purchased in the pasted two months- 5 packages of thongs, 2 packages of bikini briefs, 2 packages of string bikini undies, 1 package of low rise briefs ( which I was surprised to like them as much as I do. Look out thongs.lol), 2 pairs of modern stretch boxer briefs, 2 pairs of modern stretch briefs, 3 pairs of girl style panties but its never really been an issue about buying your girlfriend some underwear. Oh and one women style thong panty. And out of all those purchases I haven't found one pair of underwear that was hard to wear for a stretch of time until my purchase made last night. One out of 44 ain't bad and I honestly have less work with these styles of underwear when it comes to staying in its proper place and not riding, comfort, support, comfort and and did I mention comfort than I would If i was wear my boxers. My girlfriend doesn't know about it yet since we kinda live about 45 minutes from each other she doesn't see me everyday but I sometimes wear a thing or bikini or brief when I'm around her. Not if I'm staying the night cuz that's not how I want to break the ice. Surprise! Looks like we found something else we share in common babe. Lol. Would be nice if she didn't care. I've kinda always wanted to go thong shopping with my girlfriend. Something I'd like to do once at least.. anywhere. Made the switch. Overcame anbstacle. Wear them freely to any outing or evemt. Comfortable wearing them and enjoy the fit and feel. Its official. I wear thong underwear a couple days out a week if not more.
CaliStainedStud CaliStainedStud
18-21, M
1 Response May 7, 2012

Congratulations for thonging up! If you feel comfortable in thongs, then it shouldn't matter what others think. Now I wear only thongs and last week I bought my first women's thongs. Actually I'm wearing women's lace thongs right now. I't at work and no one has any clue.