G-string Girl

I am unashamedly a g-string girl. I brought my first thong in my early teens to avoid VPL under a figure hugging dress I wore to a party and from that day on I was totally sold. I remember when I first slipped it on it felt a little awkward, not because it was uncomfortable, but it felt odd, even a bit naughty, to be wearing something that left my bum completely exposed. However, it also felt sexy and sensual and I couldn’t stop admiring my butt in the mirror. So pretty much since that night I’ve worn g-strings exclusively.

I know that some girls hate thongs and g-strings but in my experience it’s more a self conscious issue than a comfort issue. I have worn every style of thong, g-string, v-string, tanga, t-back, c-string (you name it) under the sun and most are more comfortable than any other form of underwear. In fact my favorite style is Victoria Secret “Very Sexy” range v-strings which are so soft and skimpy they feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.

I think that the issue is that some girls are self conscious about wearing something so revealing and without trying to sound like a b***h, in my experience, it’s generally the prettier girly girls that wear g-strings. From amongst my girlfriends, my friends in the cheerleading squad all wear thongs where as some of my less active friends wear boy shorts.

Personally I wear g-strings because they look and feel sexy and feminine and because I wear a lot of figure hugging and flirty clothes and if you don’t want a visible panty line you have to wear a g-string.  

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I like wearing a thong because you're wearing underwear but at the same time you feel naked under your clothes

Iam sure they look great on you good story

Loving the image !!! LOL.

couldn't agree more..nothing beats biting and mauling asscheeks in fine strings and thongs ;)

i agree with this totally i wear thongs now and then its just the getting use to it they really arent uncomfy at all just a change in what your use to

That is so great that you find them comftorable- it gives us hope for our ladies!

I feel super sexy in a g-string but i find that when i wear thongs out it's more comfy hehe

Its a fact ....... either g-strings, thongs, and deffinately v-strings are the only way to go if you just have to wear undies at all!

I love girls in thongs & me too

nothing better than seeing a thong VPL. come on as if a thong totally hides the line. You girls can't fool my hawk eyes. Unless it is a c-string

nothing better than seeing a thong VPL. come on as if a thong totally hides the line. You girls can't fool my hawk eyes. Unless it is a c-string

i wear them to

Me and my gf also both wear thongs always even at the beach.. nothing wrong with a man wearing a thong.

Thongs were invented by man in the 15th century. I agree G-Strings, Thongs look so sexy on a girl's. Shows off her lovely *** cheecks

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i love to wering thong or gstring... sometimes i wear gstring bikini at the beach.. i feel so sexy

thongs alot of guys like them. me i love them keep wearing them XX

There's a lot of guys that wear thongs apparantly. Gross. Love thongs tho.

I concur with the Victoria Secret Range V strings, I wear them myself, and they feel so sexy and naughty.

Love women that wears thongs. Like seeing a woman wearing low cut jeans and sitting down with a hint of her thongs showing. Very sexy.

I agree with you. While a lot of girls wear thongs and love it. I think on average hot girly girls wear them more often.

Wow, what a sexy story. All my early teen experience about g-strings is similar with yours. I also had my first mastubation because of a sexy g-string i wore. I'm just like you. E-mail me and we can talk a lot more about g-string. we are both g-string fetish!

i love the way a girls' bum looks in a g string. i find them very very arousing, and if she loves the way it feels, even better

i love the way thongs make your butt look big due to that little string coooor

Girlyflirt i wear thongs and g strings myself. Also i like the victoria's secret v strings myself. email me so that we can chat sometime.