Thongs Offer Comfort That Sometimes Impresses Me.

So here I am sitting at home and just read a story about someone who recently made a first time thong purchase and I made a comment about my first experience from the eyes of a guy and thencontinue on. Then it dawned on me that I am wearing a thong too. Read a story and was reminder of a past experience. Wrote out the story and gave suggestion and not once did I think" ugh, this thong is annoying" or "I wish this thong would stop riding cuz I'm tired of getting a wedgie. " this is why I enjoy them. I absolutely love the way they fit and free up my downstairs movement situation, along with the freeing feeling under my clothes with a tight secure supported snug fit that basically cradles my fragile parts of my body . Thongs are a great wear for anyone mature enough to nit let it alter their behavior or attitude. I just wish it was more accepted for men to wear thongs as daily undies. Don't go crazy and worship the damn thing but actually wear them. Enjoy them. Benefit for what they have to offer and feel good doing it. Ya. Thongs are here to stay. I'm referring to the available space taken up in my underwear drawer. I actually have two drawers now. Lol. Wonder how many oh you won't realise that you have underwear up your butt until you read this very sentence. Damn. Now you've been reminded that you have a wedgie. Sorry to do that to ya.
CaliStainedStud CaliStainedStud
18-21, M
1 Response May 7, 2012

I feel exactly the same. Thongs offer great support and they should be more widely accepted for men. But never mind what others think! If you feel comfortable in thongs, then that is exactly what you should wear. I know that I do!