I Am A Thong Lover And Proud To Tell That Thongs Are My Only Undies

I bought my first thong over ten years ago. At first I wore them only now and then. Gradually I began to wear them more and more often. I was surprised how comfortable they are and what a nice support they offer. So as years passed I found my self wearing briefs and boxer less and less until about one year ago I switched totally to thongs. It doesn't matter if it's hot summer day or cold winter, thongs are my only choice. Last week I bought my first women's thongs and now they are my new favorites. Today I am wearing a nice lace thong and feel great.

P.S. I'm happily married father of three. Last night when I showed my wife lace thong that I had bought she was little bit shocked at first. But after a while she was totally OK with it. I love her.
Morcraban Morcraban
36-40, M
1 Response May 8, 2012

I hear you! I'm a male of 36 and I wear women's thongs too, in fact that's the only type I wear. Been wearing them for nearly 10 years now and have more than 100 pairs. Ex-GF, GF, Wife have been supportive throughout.<br />
In the earliest period I had a problem with selecting a women's thong with design/material that would accommodate my goods, but with years of practice now I can select with my eyes closed. Obviously not all women's thongs fit men! I find cotton, stretchy ones are the best.

I prefer stretchy lycra or microfiber thongs. Sides need to be firm in order to keep my balls in place. I have one pair of lace thongs that are very comfortable.