Lacey Little V-string

The first time I wore womens panties me and my X were still together. All she ever wore were Victoria's Secert satin, Lace, and cotton thongs and V- strings.One night after she got out of the shower and was getting dressed for bed she was putting her panties on and jokingly turns to me and says do you need a pair? So I laughef and said sure.LOL well she turns around and says I dare you! Well it was game on from there. I put on the purple lacey little v-strings and while she was straighting the back something flipped her switch cause when I turned around she was all over me. Needless to say she never did get any clothes on that night.LOL the next morning she said she didn't think seeing me in her panties was gonna be that hot. The next time she went to V.S. She ended up getting a few pairs for me. I didn't wear them all the time and still don't just wore them when she was in a real naughty mood. If we went out she'd want me to wear a pair for her. I guess I'am lucky cause the new girl I've been seeing off and on thinks it's hot to. But I must say the satin and the lacey pairs feel great.
ironheadjr ironheadjr
36-40, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

I grabed a pair of my mom's v-string put it on and loved it but i wish she saw me in it.