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I dont thong, i spent most of my life trying to keep my panties out of my not going to spend money on a piece of string that stays up but go to you all that do.
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You should try them I never go out in public cause I a guy and scared but you should do it they feel amazing

Thongs are very unsanitary and can facilitate bacterial transmission from the back to the front no matter how 'clean' you are. No thongs for me and my daughters are forbidden as well. Hubby actually likes me in old fashioned cotton undies

A thong or string of the wrong style or size is pretty terrible indeed. But that holds true for e.g. shoes and bicycles as well. Especially my strings remind me in a very subtle way I'm wearing something nice & special :-)<br />
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Don't dismiss strings & thongs until you've tried a size & model that fit you.

if u cant afford for it, u can make one in home yourself. Just go to and ask 'how to make a thong'.... u'll get it.

Nylon granny panties here.

Sorry, but I am straight man, and thongs and gstrings are the most sexy garment women can wear, they help me keep me all over my wife every single day. She knows that and feels sexy to the point that its the only kind of underwear that she wears every day, aside from the days that she wears nothing under her skirt. Thongs add the sexy reminder factor, and don't discriminate races, weights, or sexual orientation. Period.

Hey I love thongs. I don't even get a wedgie. Now there made from new things that don't give u them. I luv them soo much I walked out n public with just a thong and no one said a word. People even wanted pics with me. Sooooooioi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try out thongs again I'm telling you they rock. Sooo plzzzzzzz try them out!!!!

Thongs suck!

I don't like thongs because it feels like I have dental floss up my *** and it is something I just don't like to wear. The people who wear them are so brave because I just can't do it. My weight has alot to do with it to. For me I refuse to wear them because I am to heavy to wear them, I wouldn't look good in them at all,

Well, as I said, when you put them on, you feel the fabric in your crack, but maybe for 5 minutes. Then it's gone. I wear a thong almost daily and have never had a case where I had that wedgie feeling.

The "wedgie factor" can be a problem for guys too unless the undergear is sized right. So you just need to find a style that's comfortable. Or just "go commando" which ought to be fun in the warmer weather.

I have talked to several women over the years who said no to thongs because of the wedgie factor. Yet these same women would complain about getting wedgies with their normal underwear. When I started to wear thongs, I had read a lot of neg reviews about the wedgie factor. But I do not notice it at all. I honestly think that it is just a matter of your preference. Sure, I feel the fabric up my crack when I put them on, but after that, there is nothing, just good support for my package, which is the main reason for me wearing them, if not for that, I wear boxers, and tend to ***** when they get stuck in my crack, but again, it is all about how they are designed, if they stay put and how they feel.


There is noting sexier than nice see thro panties & a hairy love spot. In my youth ladies wore "passion killers" & it took for ever to get them down, but we tried!

I don't nderstand the use of thongs. The times I feel like I want underwear i wear panties with open bottoms, cause sometimes a finger or something wants to get in without my getting all undressed. As for looks, I think either panties or a bare ***** look better than thongs. Incidently, when one of my friends said pubic hair hindered the view I let him trim it as he liked. Other boyfriends have approved.

I'm with ya here! But I'm ok with those brave enough to go for it. However the medical field is finding increased rates of vaginitis and such probs. and relating it to the thong. Guess that's another reason to get your panties out of a wad! lol.