Bert-the Neighbor

My neighbor Bert, moved in to the condo next door about a year ago...He knows I like panties and is cool with it. This morning I was wearing a tiny white G-string with sparkles and pink elastic band and noticed he was awake (around 5 AM) newspaper was already in front of my door so I left the door halfway open-when he came outside he noticed my paper at the same time that I said hello from where I was sitting-he couldn't see me but said "would you like your paper?" so I said sure...he came in and gave it to me and we chatted for about 15-20 minutes as I walked around the house making sure he got a great view...I was a little surprised that he didn't mention anyting about my shaved pubes but I could see him checking me out...maybe he'll be up for something more over time....hope so

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I'd love to be your neighbor, particularly because I'd love to take advantage of the situation of living next door. Mind if I borrow a cup of what is in your sparkly thong? I might need to cup my hands under, to make sure you let me have enough. Question is, do you like to receive attention more or give it more... or both at once? :D

I like both :)

maybe he wants to borrow your thong...he might like that.. i would !

my neigbhor knows i wear panties also i work in my yard in justpanties at times he stops over now then chat this one time ihad on pink silk thong panties he saw them didnot say anything catting for while an he went back i went back to working yard

That's great...when they look-you know they love it!

Yes like you an your neighbor paid no attention i as wearing panties sitting talking on if i was in the back yard doing yard work he stop over an chat

I have to update this story...he now has even seen me nude

i was out on deck cooking in my panteis neighbor stop over said hi chat few
he has seen ne naked once twicce in yard

Sounds a lot like my neighbor-not trying to avoid seeing me at all...hope he's getting a thrill because I am!

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I'd have asked could I try a pair on just to see what it deels like.

I would have asked, can i jack you off PLEASE

hmmmm...good idea-I don't think he'd go for it but I'm patient...we shall see ;)