Exposed In My Thong

It was my birthday and my friends were throwing me a party at one of their apartments. The party had been going for a while; it was getting late into the night and I--and most everyone else--was very drunk. We started playing Captain Dickhead. Someone made the rule that anytime someone said a word that started with an s you had to remove an article of clothing. We were all very drunk so it was not long before we were all taking off shirts and socks. One girl and I were losing the worst (I was really drunk, having been handed drinks all night for my birthday) and could not stop saying words with s. We both got down to our pants and nothing else. I realized then in a sudden rush of horror: I was wearing a thong. I was suddenly a lot more sober, but I was freaking out so much before I could even think I said something with s. The other girl stood up and yelled, "Yes!! Suck it!" There were about 10 of us playing and everyone started yelling and telling me to take my pants off.

I stood up and tried to explain: "I'm not really wearing appropriate underwear." A few people looked at me.
Someone said, "What are you wearing tighty whities or something?"
"Something a little more revealing..." I said. Suddenly my friend reached from behind me--I had already removed my belt--and yanked my pants down and I was standing there in my little skimpy blue leopard print thong. I was humiliated and tried to cover myself but everyone was already busting up laughing, pointing, and making jokes. Fortunately someone finally pointed out: the other girl had said s! She had to take her pants off too. And she was wearing a thong too! Pink and red and tiny.

The game moved on and I had to sit there in my little thong next to the other girl in hers. At one point she reached over and grabbed the waistband of my thong and popped it loudly. Everybody laughed. She said, "Nice thong! Does it come in mens?"
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

Did anything change within your circle of friends after it happened? Did any of your lady-friends look at you any differently?

It was incredibly embarrassing at the time but I'm definitely glad it happened, sooo sexy.

I would of loved that!

A woodnt ov wanted to be u there / am guessing u didnt enjoy the rest ov ur party then ?