Since I Was 13

i have always worn a thong since i was 13. no panty line and i feel so free. they make me feel so sexy too. they are the closest to wearing noting at all< (which i really enjjoy too). putting a sheer thong over a freshly shaved ***** not only looks so good but feels even better. it's so good to show off with too - to both gals and guys. the only bad thing about them is when i get frisky and wet, there is nothing there to take up my wetness (blush).
betty4u betty4u
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I'd like to help with your minor problem any way I can...

I will lick up your wetness! And then make more!

Are you kidding ?!!? I would be there for you !!! to assist in your dilemma !! At the ready with towel or tongue , as you prefer.... lol :p

tongue please - please -please

My tongue would clean up the wetness and hopfully get you more wet xxx

I love wearing thongs too... I also love when my man move them to the side and just starts ******* me with them on.

That is so hot! I'd love it if my wife shaved and wore thongs, but you can't have every thing, can you? But I do wear thongs and shave and that really is incredible feeling, lace thong caressing my freshly shaved ****.

That is why you need to share that wetness with us or others, and WE DO MEAN SHARE IT freely and willingly here in our home in rueal wouthern central MN.!!!!!!!!

omg i would love that so - so much

Start by sending us and email with where you live so we will have abtter idea of if we can get together or if it is just a pipe dream.......???

I have not worn many thongs but i have a few. One of the things that i love about panties are the lines. I can feel my butt and reel the line and know i am wearing panties. Always loved looking for the gussset line under the dresses of girls in school that might have thier legs parted slightly