Me and My Pink Thong

I only have one thong, and its a pink and white masterpiece. Ive never worn it with other clothes(only naked) because I would be afraid to be made fun of it if caught. I am a straight guy who is only into women, and I think im becoming a bit homophobic when i think about wearing the thong i have. It just feels so good when I wear it. i also have a purple vibrator that i bought at a sex shop. I Like to ride the vibrator when Im wearing the pink and white thong. I really like the way my penis can hang out of the thong, and the way the back looks. It really turns me on all the time when i look in a mirror. I love thongs on girls, and wearing one just extends that. however Im not gay, but i love the way the vibrator and thong feels. What do you recommended to me as far as getting another thong? should i be careful or just go for it, i love the way it feels! Also the homophobic feelings. I only occasional put on the thong and vibrator only when I´m horny and want to mess around. Is that normal? If you read this please leave a comment, Im looking for opinions support advice ect....
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4 Responses May 21, 2012

You should really try male thongs. I recommend thongs from Thongbiker, Gregg Homme and Tendenze. They are super erotic stretchy thing fabrics but made for the male anatomy. Then you can start wearing thong swimwear too out in secluded spots and go from there!

Your not alone man.

Well, before you buy a second thong, i suggest getting used to wearing a thong on a regular basis. Wear a thong for a hour a day, or until comfortable, them wear it for three hours, then wear them for five hours, if you give up one day and decide to take it off, you must figure out a way to punish yourself so you wont do it again. keep doing these until you can wear them for a complete 12 hours, or a whole day, then i would go to Victoria's Secret or Macy's and buy 3 more pairs. If you feel comfortable, tell your closets friend, girl or guy, if there a true friend, then they will except it. I know im too young, but im 11 years old and i wear thongs, i wear kids thongs though. My mom forces me to wear tongs because im in a all girls family, and im not allowed to go anywhere on weekdays, so when i come home everyone changes into a thong and no bra or shirt and we watch tv. So i have no choice! I love them to, if i don't wear them, ten i get wipped!

thanks for the tips and for commenting, much appreciated.