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Always Have Been

I have always been a thong wearer since I was about 14. I find them more comfy, sexual and they just work with the clothes I wear. Nothing better than wearing a pretty dress with a teeny thong lol.
kimcheung kimcheung 26-30, F 10 Responses May 31, 2012

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ever go commando though?

wanna see u in thong

Ever tried a thong swim suit at the beach? I wear them lots and they are awesome.

Totally agree with you and you have lovely ***, suits you well wearing thongs!

Only thing better is none at all ;)

haha is an even bigger secret when your a guy Britneyrog :P

Yaaaaay, thongs! Booty shorts have made a glaring comeback and, even though they make an *** looking amazing, I'm still a sucker for a floss-wide thong!

i totally agree with you. Ever since i started wearing them, they just seemed like the best choice. They are comfy, cute, and work with anything... Also, i kinda like having the little secret of something sexy on when no one around me knows...

And your *** looks great in one too! HoPe you get out to the beach in one too!

kimcheung,<br />
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Only better is pantyless.<br />
<br />
Bare hugs<br />