I Love Thongs

I have been told my bum looks amazing in them. But it's not for guys I wear them. it's a comfort thing and I often wear skintight clothes and short dresses. So anything that makes my bum look nice and hides the panty line as much as possible has to be a good thing xx.
suzihugs suzihugs
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

You're so sexy and naughty. I don't mind you wear thongs for YOUR comfort, I still like to see your nice *** without panty lines :)

Just been bought some undies with no crotch

I love thongs on a woman. I love it when women wear slinky dresses in public or ones that are partially see through in the sun. I have to say that some thongs are evident even though they are 'supposed' to prevent panty lines. But it is great to see them thong, through clothing or when they peek out.

Yes, thong lines sure are much sexier than "normal" panty lines.