I Don't Like Thongs That Sit High Up Or Eventually Ride Up

I prefer my thongs to be somewhat sturdy where it matters, the string or thong part. It's a very simple design matter that most people seem to overlook.

Such poorly designed thongs mean that I have to spend several seconds trying to pull the front part through my cheeks from behind while being careful not to stretch the thong part because usually they shrink in the wash and after wearing them for a while tend to stretch out a bit.

That's the only way I can get them to sit low on my waist. It looks sexy that way and feels great. Whereas if I just pull them on it sit somewhat high and feels sorta of awkward and sensation-less.

I don' t know if anyone agrees but I find thongs that are too long in the back very unflattering and irritating (mentally). They don't cup the genitals properly and the material is loose.

There's only one thong that I found that gets it right, it's JM thongs. I've had the two pair - one's cotton sport and one micro fibre - for nearly ten years and both have excellent shape retention and resilience. The cotton show signs of wear but the microfibre looks ageless. And the fit and rise are very low compared to others.

Let me know what you guys thing and if you know ones which are decent.
jusletmebe jusletmebe
26-30, M
Dec 8, 2012