My First Day Wearing A Thong In Public

I am a college student, and today is the first day I am wearing a thong in plublic. So far I haven't had any bending over incidences or reaching up high ones. It feels so good riding up my a** I can't believe I've never tried wearing them in public before!

I feel extremely h**** knowing my dirty little secret that no one else does! I have my last final today, and my first final wearing a thong! I hope it's definitely not the last. I'll keep everyone posted on my activities and how my day went.
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5 Responses Dec 13, 2012

I too am a college student, and I also love wearing thongs however I haven't mustered up the courage yet to wear panties to class!

nice work !

wow..... loved to read it.....njoi d liberation. add me

Or like I do, go to Victoria's Secret - I've had lots of nice experiences - and I love accidentally showing my panties too, but I do it by wearing extra-short shorts

UPDATE: My first day of wearing a thong in public is coming to an end, however it was a good experience, and possibly one of the most liberating days in my life. The absolute euphoria I endured from wearing a thong all day, with that great feeling of it being stretched up your a** was incredible! I didn't have any incidences where I was truly exposed, however I think it would be ultra-kinky to flash a girl my thong and see her reaction. I really want to go pantie shopping now! I can't wait to buy my first pair of cute little panties or my first thong :) I'll keep ya'll updated on my activities, message me!