Thong At School Short And Sweet

i was nervous about wearing a thong to school. but i decided it was time for me to. i go to a high school by the way. it was considered slutty to do so. i am one of the popular girls and so i thought it was going to be ok. so i threw on my black lace thong and yoga pants and left for school. at school my girlfreinds noticed it and said to me it was okay we all do it and its really nice to wear and comfortable and mmm it feels soo good to wear by itself and in public
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4 Responses Dec 29, 2012

I also used to wear thongs at school but at time i am not having male thongs so started with my sisters one

I did this when I was in 6th grade btw

But I did lol

I am a boy so I don't know how objective my opinion would be but I don't think that girls wearing thongs at high school is slutty(most of the girls in my school do it as far as I know)

i know its not slutty

you should check out my things in my pics !!! very nice been wearing the same brand for like 25 yrs or so !!