Not Really A New Years Resolution But Good Enough

I've been wearing thongs and g-strings for a little over half my life now. Normally when I go to work, I wear boxers but as soon as I come home, the boxers come off and I put on a thong. it was about new years eve when I decided I just don't wanna wear boxers if I don't have to. That night I went to my best friend's house to celebrate new years with him (we are both straight so I hope I didn't give you the wrong impression. I apologize if I did). I wore so white gregg homme torrid thong under my blue jeans. It was great not having to adjust my underwear every time I got up from the couch. From that night forth, I've only with thongs or g-strings under my clothes, even at work. I don't care what others think anymore and it feels good not having to hide something I love.
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Jan 12, 2013