Hotel Thonging

I have always wear thongs at hotels. One of my first experiences when I was 14 years old was at a hotel pool. I was a little shied back then so I just laid on for a wile then toke my shorts sitting down and stayed face up. There were some families, older women and a local pop artist with her crew. It was a small area so everyone saw me really quick. Some of the hotel staff was going by and no one seems to bothered.

I got comfortable and turned face down to tan my back. I got a lot of stares but no one minded.

Later a staff member came to me. I though I was in trouble or something and was embarrass because she stared at my butt constantly but she just sat down to told me that they were bringing out a massage chair for clients. I was so relief and decided to try it. I had no choice but to walk half the place wearing nothing else. I got my quick massage in front of everyone at the pool.

After that I was walking all around having nice swims and even had lunch at the pool restaurant wearing just my thong.

This other time I was in another hotel that only had an indoor pool at the basement. I didn´t know if they were thong friendly so I just removed the towel at pool side. There was only a women swimming some laps. I had this small thong and went to the hot tube that was connected to the pool. As soon as I got in a staff member came to me. I though he would say something for the thong because indoors is not like you are getting a tan. I was nervous again but he was like you can´t go in the water with out a shower cap. I did not have one so he offered me some they have on sale. I walked all the way to the desk wearing nothing but my thong.

After that I was so comfortable each day I got my morning swim by walking all the way from my room to the pool only wearing a thong.

I always wear thongs at hotels and enjoy their pools and beaches.
MattNu MattNu 31-35, M 1 Response Jan 23, 2013

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14, wow. You were pretty young, did you thong by yourself? Where did you buy your thongs?

Yes, I used to thong by myself, I normally had my thong under my board shorts and removed them when my family was not around. I bought my first thongs at Spain at a family trip.