New Vanity Fair Thongs!! ≪3

Hey Everyone!!!! :) <3 Danielle here posting once again about another one of my sissy-boy panty-wearing/shopping moments!!! Well what can I say other than that the other day i got back into my panty fetish. It started with me one late night going to bed SUPER HORNY!!!! I was looking through some sissy **** and I saw this guy/sissy who was wearing such a cute and sexy thong and it got me so hot and horny that it made me want to go shopping for some new panties again. The last time I went shopping for panties I went to Victoria's Secret when they were having their 7 panties for $26 sale. So I thought to myself should I go to VS or go to Kohls? After a long time of not shopping at Kohls I decided to go there this time and look for my favorite panty pick there, which is the Vanity Fair Illumination Bikini Panty. I looked up what deals they had on their website and then I noticed that FINALLY!!!, after years of waiting and dreaming!, they had finally made the Illumination THONG PANTY!!! I was so THRILLED of this new product!!!! I almost couldn't even believe it!!!! So anyways after finally checking out their website I saw the thongs that I liked in the colors that I love as well. I knew that the next day shopping for those panties were going to be a blast. So i woke up that morning on my day off from work with the hardest ***** EVER!!! lol and I pretty much did my chores and got ready as fast as possible. I checked my wallet and I had just the right amount of money needed to go in this panty shopping mission. Anyways, so I drove over to Kohls, got a shopping bag, and went straight to the intimate clothing section. They had moved a lot of things around since I last have gone there but I didnt let that stop me from finding those amazing thongs. After looking for about a minute or two, I finally saw the Vanity Fair Panties from about a couple of feet away and I marched straight towards them. I noticed the usual bikini panties and got worried that I wouldnt find the thongs, until BINGO!, I found them. There they were glowing in the light of the store. Their silky soft looking material just glistening in the light. Until I finally got to actually touch them. and OMG they feel DEVINE. They feel so smooth and soft against your fingers that give you an instant hard-on. And right next to them I saw the Helenca Lace Thongs which also blew my mind away. Now the hardest part came along: CHOOSING WHICH COLOR!!!! AHHHH!!! That by far is the hardest things to do when you're buying panties, you just want to take them all but can't :( But Anyways, I chose the Purple ones and the Pink ones for the regular Illumination Thongs. Then I chose the Red ones and the Nude ones for the Helenca Lace Thongs. I just couldn't say no to that sexy lace. I put the thongs in my bag and went to the cashier, everything from there went pretty smoothly, the cashier didn't look at me all weird or nothing, she made everything as smooth as possible. and SUPER low HIGH KEY, she was really sexy blonde cougar. hahaha but anyways, back to my story. I payed for the panties and walked out the door and drove straight home. As I pulled up the driveway my luck was just getting better and better. NOBODY WAS HOME!!!! :D Theres nothing better than being able to try on your new panties in the comfort of your own home when you're by yourself. So I got straight to it!!!! I got in my room closed and locked the door, took off my shirt, jeans, socks, and victoria's secret bikini panties. I felt great being naked :) So i took out my new babies from the bag and immediately tried them on, and OMG!!! THEY ARE SO COMFY!!!!! These thongs are by far one of the softest silkiest thongs I own!!! I felt so sexy in my new panties and I couldn't wait to start taking pictures and posting them up on EP. To all my fellow thong wearing panty loving panty wearing friends here on EP, I highIy recommend you go to your local Kohls and buy these panties. If you have tired the Illumination Bikini panties, I garuntee that you will abosutely LOVE these beautiful sexy panties!!! I will post up new pictures as soon as im done posting up this story on the rest of my groups. Come view them and tell me what you think!!!! <3 <3 <3

-Danielle <3
Sissyboy117 Sissyboy117
22-25, M
Jan 28, 2013