Don't Own Any


The only thongs I wear are my slippers.... I plan to change that.. not anytime soon though.

21butterfly 21butterfly
22-25, F
5 Responses Oct 23, 2008

Floss of the butt crack.. too funny.. i think it's more comfortable to go commando than wearing thongs.. im just saying cause it is when i go to sleep ;-)

ROFLMAO.. I don't want to wear them now.. I don't want a forever wedgie... I want comfy. plus it's not like there's anyone who's gonna help me and if Im gonna join the Army, i dont think they'll be necessary..

You should get comfortable wearing them now though. I don't know how women do that... have a piece of fabric in their crack! When my boxers ride up, I get uncomfortable.

I will wear when the right time comes. or maybe right man? ;-)

The best underwear out.I wear them all the time