Once Upon a Time...

But these days, I'd rather just go barefoot, or put on a proper pair of shoes.
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There was a cartoon in the paper once where the elderly woman and her teenage granddaughter were talking about clothes and the daughter mentioned thongs. The old lady said SHE wears them to walk on the beach all the time. When the teen told her what she meant, the old lady had a shocked look on her face. PRICELESS!

I like thongs, the foot one and thongs. BUT I must say, that was a funny story.

LOL. I think I just chocked on my granola bar.

I had to read this more times than I would like to admit before I got the joke. Especially pathetic since it's a joke I've considered making myself once or twice.<br />
Very funny, by the way.

Love female *** cheeks

What about socks with thongs .... I wonder if they also fit in a thong ??? < Shudder> I've got to get that picture out of my head ... hahaha EWW !!

i enjoy the foot thong myself ... i find great value in an airy and comfy pair. but the undies ... once upon a time, yes. now ... eh ... not so much. maybe i'm getting too old. maybe i don't like my bum as much as i once did. maybe i just don't wear any at all anymore ... LOL! i mean ... come on! what's better than having the whole backside of undies up your rear? a thong, right? and what's better then that? NOTHING AT ALL! heheheeeee

One day at work, the receptionist got into a conversation about how recent studies show thongs have increased the chances of vaginitis. My boss, the Doctor, overheard this, and I saw the confused look come over his face. I immediately told him they meant the underwear with the thin string up the back. He says," OHHH! I was wondering what the h3ll a shoe had to do with vaginitis!!

Hahaha! Thongs suck!


ha ha. so very funny :)