My Secret

I love thongs. Thats all I like to wear. I like to think of my thongs as my little secret. I can be dressed up in old jeans and an old t-shirt, hair thrown up, nothing special... but I can still feel sexy with the that little peice of clothing. Its great to feel sexy (and comfortable) even when you don't look it.
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I surely wish more women were like you.


I agree!

I wear thongs everywhere and love the feel, the make me soooo wett!

i love the way thay fill and look i wear them almost everyday

Sweet Jesus you can tempt me anytime.....I will enjoy reading a sensual excerpt from you entitled...the joys of sexy to tease an older man!

I didn't say it was a secret, I said I liked to think of it as my little secret. Its not about it literally being kept secret (and for that matter unseen). Its about it being my secret weapon for my own confidence. Thats all. lol but its good to know that the thong is doing its job, judging by your comments, Paulcox and jonquil323!!! :) Definitely had your attention at one time or another.

I agree with Paulcox. It's hardly a secret that a woman is wearing a thong. We can spot them from the front too.

Kiwoo, I can relate to the nth degree. I'm an adult now, but I starting enjoying jock straps around 15 ( didn't know about thongs for men back then). Yeah, at the time (when I was a teen) I felt like a freak or something. As I got older (college) I shared my kinky secret only with girlfriends I was dating. All of my girlfriends knew about it (only fair really), but to this day my thong wearing practice isn't disclosed publicly. I definitely do not go out of my way to tell anyone that I like wearing thongs, but by the same token I've gotten to the point in my life that if someone saw them in my chest of drawers I wouldn't really care either (that's what you get for looking!). I'm glad to read that guys are coming out with their preference for thongs, at least in forums and whatnot. Thongs rock! As Poetic Rejection points out, wearing a thong under clothing during everyday circumstances is quite enjoyable. It's my little secret and when I come home to my girlfriend she loves to see me in a thong. I like her in a thong as well so we've got that in common. I'm way lucky to have her in my life!<br />
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Anyway, happy New Year to all and stay well!<br />
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WOW, Great comment, I like thongs too, I have some and wear them sometimes to go to work but don´t dare to wear them everyday, Your comments support me, I will try to wear them more often, maybe I even put it on a challenge.

Thanks a lot

By the way, the picture looks great

Like I said, I understand. And I agree, looks do help. I imagine that if I looked better it wouldn't come as such a shock to some people when they find out my panty of choice. Either way, the important thing is that I am comfortable. And thats all that matters. :) And thank you. I am also sorry to hear that you were bullied as well. Even if it is just names and **** like that it still hurts and leave a lasting mark. I hope the best for your future and send warm feelings your way. Have a wonderful day. :)

Well, let me tell you, I was bullied my whole life. If I learned anything from the experience, its to not let them see that its gets to you. If it shows, it shows. If they laugh and make fun, its only because they aren't comfortable with themselves. If they were to ever see it, just shrug, say, "Why you lookin? See something you like?", and walk away. Or simply just ignore them. But, I do understand. I can't say I don't get it, I must admit that if I saw a guy with a thong, my first thought would be, "OMG...". But my second thought would be, "Interesting..." :)

I always wear them. Even to school. If people see it, so what. I try to keep it out of sight, but sometimes if I bend over to pick something up you know... it shows. No one has said anything about yet!

Ya I wear thongs to school to. But it's more embarrassing for a guy to wear thongs to school so I'm laughed at and have no friends


hi poetic rejection i to love to wear thong panties they feel like you're not wearing any underwear under your clothes. send me an email so we can chat some more.

Isn't it wonderful?

yes it is

lol! nice.. sorry you missed out!

lol.. nicely put.

I agree there's nothing hotter than when your girl is in some plain clothes but when the pants come off there's the thong!<br />
It is like it's your little secret and we love discovering it!