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one night i was drinking and i drank quite alot, and i remembered that i snogged this girl, while i was going out with my girlfreind. i didnt know but she was my misses freind and she told her, so when i woke up the next morning my misses was there and i was in a thong, and all my body was shaved appart from my head lol, i was shocked and i was handcuffed to the bed. the thong felt nice and she chucked all my boxers in the bin and i said what you done this for? she said because you snogged my freind. she said i got to wear thongs from now on. which i dont mind now because they are dead comfy. comment please..
thongwearer thongwearer
2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

my missy left me. so i started wearing thongs anyway. women get right on my wick when they hate guys wearing thongs, specailly them big old birds