Not All the Time

I might wear a thong when I'm in the mood, but it's not something I do religiously. I'm not a very religious person anyway.

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14 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I am 61 so U could B right , but I still love them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happily religious towards my butt floss.

Sounds kind of seventies...

Panties with rows of ruffles on the back of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I have no idea what those are.

Rumba Panties R nice , even Plastic Rumba Panties !!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's good too of course.

I like soft and silky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It depends on the material. If you get a nice cotton pair you can forget you're wearing them.

Thongs can be so totally uncomfortable too... really ride up my crack. I agree with carrie... bikinis are better.

Nothing wrong with that. It's great to have some variety!

No, No , No -- I wear mostly bikinis. I do wear thong once in a while.

You mean like granny pants?

I am not very religious with them either, I like a little bit more!