Thong Wearing At Gym

 i love wearing thongs to the gym, but you get some funny looks from guys who wear briefs or boxers who think i'm gay beacuse i choose to wear less material to cover my butt. they give me the right *****

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13 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I did an early am workout in one...4am ish and got off on it. A couple came in as I was doing pull-ups and they smiled. Caught them checking me out...wouldn't do it mid day tho

i used to wear briefs until i started running competitively. then just became uncomfortable running all together. I didnt want to give it up, but i also didnt want to be uncomfortable. So i ran it past my gf and she suggested thongs. I expressed to her the fact i was being serious and not joking and she said " so am i".

she stated "when it comes to it, would you rather have a tiny bit of underwear up your butt? or the entire underwear up your butt?"

so she went and bought me thongs. She said the only thing i needed to do was to keep my third leg pointing down because some women find it offensive when they see a mans package. so the first time i tried them, i did what she said and i looked just as flat as she did in spandex, so no women had complaints and in fact i got one telling me that if more guys did this they wouldnt have a problem with a guy in spandex.

No one cared and the only stare i got was from a guy that kept staring at my butt. What was he thinking? i dont really wanna know, nor do i care. the fact the girls complimented me was enough. The only thing i will say is what they told better have the Butt and physique to wear one.

problem fixed, im running and not uncomfortable anymore. Thongs all the way. My own personal opinion.

Yea I wear thongs and bikinis all the time they feel great. I'm 23 and I don't care who looks I have sexy underwear and great butt to look at

You wear what you like and stuff the boys at the gym.

I wear thongs to the gym get changed into them in front of other guys and I hope they look and like what they see, if they don't they can just look away or ignore me. A thong to work out in is so hot and the best you feel free with support and sexy all at the same time!!!

I've always liked tiny underwear and thongs let you have the least amount on. I've often felt apprehensive about owning or wearing thongs and then there are times when i'm adamant that it's my right and no one elses. What makes me feel sexy and secure is no on elses business. I used to go on a secluded beach and sunbathe and walk around in a thong. And i'd have a really visible thong tan line when in the gym showers and I had no qualms about that whatsoever.<br />
I prefer low rise thongs, the skinnier the better. I've often had to justify the thongs that I own or having spent money on it and at times felt like getting rid of it all. But lately I just feel like going on a thong only 'streak'

I still have issues while getting dressed in the gym. If someone is next to me I don't expose what I'm wearing. I usually feel uninhibited but my social culture is still not ready to accept it. I live in europe and still, it's the Western mentality that something is wrong with me wearing them. I prefer to get dressed in private and not have all of my friends standing there while I get dressed. I have never bent over and had my underwear exposed at least not that I know of. I still wear them everyday. I'm just not ready to walk around the gym. I have gone to get massages and I leave them on because it's not all nude. I like to have massages done by women only. Sometimes when they ask me take off my clothes and leave my bottoms on, I do. when they cover me and fell that I have them on, it seems like they are shocked and then I get smiles. I think I get better massages afterwards. At times I don't know why this is such an issue for me still considering the stores still sell out of them all the time. I say wear what you want and when comfortable don't look back or listen to the negative comments. I didn't invent them for men, i just wear them because they are the most comfortable, supportive, sexiest feeling I have had wearing underwear.

brad34 i say the hell with those guys at the gym, if you like wearing thong underwear then by all means wear them.

are you flirting with me westanonan.

there's nothing like seeing that little triangle up your butt to make you feel hot.<br />
its sooooooooo cute.

Cool...but with so little underwear, maybe you should consider none at all???!!!....just a thought....SS

thongs 100% of the time. Boxers are sooooo ****

Is it just the gym you wear them to...or other places, as well? Just underwear needs are often based on what I am there something about the gym that having less on your butt is an advantage?...again, just curious...I like the just wondering if and why you limit them to the gym....peace...SS