Tan Lines

 who needs thongs when you have some wicked tan lines

brad34 brad34
3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I also love tanlines and have a thong tanline myself nearly all year around.. since it stays visible very long and when I tan again in a thong it gets clearer every time.

I also love tan lines, on girls and guys. Being in the south I have my thong tan year round. Guys usually get more excited with my thong tan line than girls. I get a lot of comments even in public bathrooms.

I like tan lines. On me, and on women. I like to swim, do yard work with my thong hanging out a bit, and to tan in my thongs. That way I get a thong tan line. Not too many people see my thong tan line, but if they do I like the idea that they know I wear a thong out side in the sun, with my cheeks exposed.