I've Been Wearing Girl Thongs Since Around Age 15/16

I wear thongs, i've been doing so for about 6-7 yrs. I'm 22 now. I love wearing thongs because of how comfortable they are and how sexy then feel. Not to mention the fact that i often wear very tight womens jeans to work, to make more tips ;), and out in general. I'm thin and i'm in good shape, so i enjoy showing it off. I have nice legs and a nice butt. I do acrobatics so i get plenty of leg/buns excersice. Why not show it off?

I got started trying my mom's thongs early in high school. I later moved on to my cousins after i commented about how uncomfy(like i didn't know lol) they must be and she said i should try them. so i went ahead a borrowed a few of hers. I've worn and borred from her, my mom, three different aunts and a few other girls.

Now i wear thongs that i've bought and i've had a few bought for me by chick friends who think its hot or funny. I wear them fairly often now a days and i'm getting to the point where i don't really mind who knows. I let them show when i'm out, i wear really low rise jeans and i make sure to do some bending or squating when i go out.

My gf knows that a friend bought my a VS thong and thinks its a little weird, i haven't let her in on the fact that i have a few others some of which i bought or that i wear them regularly. I'm sure she'll be understanding.

Well, thats my intro, i'd love to hear your comments.:D

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13 Responses Mar 17, 2009

i wear thongs too iv been caught before and got a wedgie of a life time of my friends lol

Thongs are the original underwear. And in most every way, the best.

i love wearing thongs. im 17 and they are so sexy. bu when i get a horn its so annoying

love the story hot. love to see pics

Indeed, show us some pictures like I did. If I can at 65, you sure can do it.

I agree. Lets see em. :)

I love to wear thongs all of the time, and have been caught a few time's. I just wish,I had someone I could model them for.

I will wait til there is no one around to change, but i don't try too hard to hide it. I"m sure i've been spotted before.

I would love to go swimming in a g string. I'll go to the pool at my gym sometimes late at night when no one else is swimming and take off my shorts and swim for a moment or two in just my g string. It feels sooo good.

Thongs all time and on the beach

go for it i don't wear anything without a back

thanks for the support. :D

Good 4 U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!