Thongs For the Boys

 why do most women think it is gay for men  to wear thongs, and that all

shapes and sizes of women can wear them even if they look well nasty in them, it gives me the right ***** i'm constantly seeing articles written by women in the press who dictate the type of underwear they want the man in there life to wear

well sorry girls im thongs all the way, so get over yourself.

brad34 brad34
8 Responses Mar 18, 2009

they're just narrowminded that's all. It's easy to debate and prove them wrong but seriously if you look at history it's hard to convince, let alone convert ignorant people that they are wrong. It's a cultural thing that's ingrained into them and trying to say otherwise is considered blasphemy. I hope to write a piece that says definitively that the associations with men wearing thongs and the negative reactions of women and men towards that is nothing more than programmed instinct than genuine intelligent reaction or debate.

Also, I still get alot of excitement from people seeing me in my thong. Women in particular. I do it for the same reasons they do. I want to show off a bit. A little bit naughty, riskea, exhibitionist. It's exiting. If women can show off some skin, then so can men.

Initially when I started wearing thongs it was a dare form my wife. She thought it was sexy and fun to begin with. But not too long ago she said she was over the excitement of thongs and that I should wear boxers. Can't do it. I like the support better in a thong than no support in boxers. Can't go back to anything else. I'll wear boxers or boxer briefs to bed once in a while, but that's it.<br />
I've gotten good compliments from women that see me in a thong, or know that I wear thongs. All the guys just try to make jokes, but they don't bother me. I'm in the middle of the bible belt, Missouri, what do you expect.<br />

My wife and I wear thongs every chance we get. We love the sun and tan lines. The comments we get are almost always positive.

ouch brad

i have only had one girlfriend who liked thongs, but when putting them on in front of her, she would insisted pulling them higher up my butt

I am not gay and love thongs.My wife loves men in thongs

right on man. :D