My First Thong On the Beach.

Two weeks ago, on Spring Break, I finally decided to bite the bullet and wear a thong bikini to the beach. I had always wanted to, but never built up the nerves to do so. This year,now that I'm 22, it would be different. I bought my new swimwuit online back in January and told myself that I was going to wear it no matter what. The suit was a black microbikini, with white trim. It also has a matching top to go with it. It fits me perfectly. After the plane ride down I became kind of nervous and even started to shivver a little. The hotel was very secluded, which to me was a relief. Next I decided to go out and scout the beach. The beach was very pleasant; it was pretty big and only had about thirty people on it. Many of the people were middle aged or in their twenties. Only a couple people brought their kids along. I also didn't see anyone wearing a thong, which to me wasn't very encouraging. But that didn't matter, I was still determined to wear my new thong. The weather was perfect, it was sunny and about 86 degrees. So I went back to the hotel and began to get ready to go to the beach. By now it was about noon and I hadn't even unpacked my suitcase. But that could wait. I grabbed my swimsuit and put it on. I couldn't believe I was about to do this. Then I wrapped my towel around me grabbed my tanning lotion, a book and started to walk to the beach. I knew no one would know who I was, but I still felt nervous. As I made my way through the hotel lobby and then the pool area, my heart began to beat faster and faster. I was finally at the beach. There now seemed to be about fifty people on the beach, but I didn't care. I picked out a spot down the beach about forty feet away from anyone. I was finally the time there was no turning back now. I slowly unwrapped my towel and layed it out in the sand. The feeling was something I will never forget. I felt so good and at the same time a little naughty. I then layed out on the towel face down and began to read my book. The sun felt so great on my bare bottom. After about an hour, I felt like I was getting hot and decided to go for a swim. I was feeling pretty daring so I got up and proceeded to go for a dip in the ocean. The water felt great. As I was walking back to my towel a man approached me. My body started to go numb. He was smiling and looked like he was also a visitor at the hotel. He said "Thank you so much for wearing a thong. My wife and I both were a little afraid of being the only ones wearing thongs on the beach." He then told me that his wife was going back to their hotel room to put on one of her thongs. I said that I would be glad to have some thong wearing company next to me on the beach. He then left to go back to his hotel room. A few minutes later his wife returned in a much smaller thong than mine. She told me her husband had just recieved a call from work and had to leave for the next two days. But she would remain at the hotel for the rest of the week. She layed out next to me for the rest of the day. We talked for quite a while until she asked me if I had any other suits with me. I said no. She then invited me to her room and would let me pick out a suit to wear the next day since we were both a size 4. The next morning I decided to take her up on the offer. I put on my old suit, once again wrapped my towel around me and went to her room and she showed me her suits. She had six of them, and all of them were consideralby smaller than mine. She reassured me that I could pull all of them off. I picked the white one. It was a extreme micro bikini, the bottom covered no more than just enough. And the top consisted of two triangles that were about three square inches each. She then told me I could keep the suit, only if I wore it the entire day. I thanked her and put on the new suit in her bathroom and wrapped my towel around me. As I was about to leave she told me to remove my towel before I walked to the beach. I was unsure about walking around the hotel in this new thong, but she insisted. What could I do, she was giving me the suit. So I did as she said. I thanked her again and started to walk through the hotel. I felt almost completely naked. But I have to admit, it was a little exhillerating. As I approached the lobby there was a group of people, I tried to walk quickly past, but they all saw me and stared. But I was now at the point where I didn't care, because I know I look good in a thong. Throughout the rest of the week, I no longer walked around with a towel wrapped aroud me. I was confident about myself and at the end of the trip had one of the best tans ever.

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Felt the same way when I first wore a thong down in Miami last year. Once i just ******** to the thong, put the sunscreen on, i was hooked.

I love wearing skimpy swimwear on the beach and on the boat. Feels great and sexy....Please feel free to take a look at my album....

Hi thank u for sharing ! I'll take vacation next month going to Aruba wasn't sure if should I wear a thong but after reading ur experience I will wear it 😁😁😁😁 thank u!!

Good for you! It gets better still once you wear no swimsuit at all. Just like when you first went micro; after a bit, you will be even more comfortable and confident as you were when wearing a thong, but with no tan lines at all.

my wife wore her first thong in hawaii, it took me a while to convince her but she did, and from that day she just always likes to wear thongs on her own, she loves the attention she gets especially if i am not around.

that really good.. even their r many nude beach.. u can enjoy their with no cloths..

You should post pics of you in the thong so we can see how good you look

I totaly understand you.
I work out at the gym since three years and I love to show my body to everyone.
I'm very exhibitionis but I still dosen't the courage that you had to wear a thong at the beach.
love your story and your courage. Everybody should be like you

Good for you...this world needs more girls like you!!

I am a man that likes to wear thongs. It would be nice to see a photo of you in your thong bikinis.

i am a man i felt the same way the first time wearing a thong to the beach my wife also wears one to and her girl friends like to see me in a thong....oh ya i got an erection to reading your story

Good for you. My wife and I wore thongs on our honeymoon in Greece and had a wonderful time. I do agree with some of the other posts; your story gave me an erection.

Good for you! The first time is the hardest, for sure. Now that you have taken that step, it will be much easie next time. Pretty soon I am sure you won't want to wear anything else, no matter where you are.

PS, I often wear thongs at the beach myself, so I am speaking from experience. I can also assure you it is much harder for us guys to pull this off, but I certainly enjoy it when I can.

I wore my v sting in Ormond beach all day and had no problem. The waves kept ripping it off of me and exposing the jewels. I was 90 % nakedand it felt great.Check out Ormond Beach. Very layed back.<br />
B bum

Good for you gal. I too, had an erection just reading your story. my GF wears thong underwear all the time but wouldn't wear a thong backed bikini to the beach.<br />
<br />
You might want to try the US company Lusty Threads next time you want a thong bikini. They have the sexiest bikinis on the Net - much like Wicked Weasel. My GF wears them at home for me.

amazing experience, thanks for sharing

I used to sunbathe in the nude on my back deck. Nobody was around and I didn't care. I wore a thong a few times and that helped cover my front area. A woman saw me naked and yelled for her boyfriend. Decency laws allowed me, since you had to be visible from the road and I have a fence. I deliberately walked inside without putting my shorts on. When I came back out, I had a thong on. She saw me from the front and didn't say a word. I often want to wear one at a beach or even attempt a nude beach just once. My 'Bucket List'.

Your story gave me an erection, and I can only imagine how sexy you are and what an amazing body you have.

Your story gave me an erection, and I can only imagine how sexy you are and what an amazing body you have.

If you want to be an exhibitionist, do it, but don't make out that it is some act of bravado on your part. You just like showing your butt. <br />
<br />
Why don't you look into working at a ***** club. Then you could show the whole package.

Kudos for your courage. I prefer a nude beach myself. Maybe you can make that the next step.

i really like your story, i am a boy and i was nervous about being seen in a thong also, now i wear them to the beach and the local pool, i am fit but small, 122 pounds, no one has said anything bad about my thongs. so i am going to be keeping it up.

you where it for certain people. you opportunistic ***. butt reject certain people. do it for every body<br />
next time girl.

nice that was a cool story u shuld put a pic up of u in your thong haha but i finnaly talked my mom into buying me a THONG finnaly i've been aasking for one since 7 i am a 13 year old malejust sayin my age and gender

nice that was a nice story u shuld put a pick of u in it

That's Awesome! I'm Positive You Look Ultra Sexy In The Tiny White Bikini ! Too Bad There Are Not Any Pics Of You Wearing It.

Try wearing a c string and no top next time and walk thru the hotel with no towel.

Why not go all the way and go to a nudist resort next vacation.

Why not go all the way and go to a nudist resort next vacation.

Why not go all the way and go to a nudist resort next vacation.

Good story of a first time. Funny how, after you take the plunge and overcome your nerves, you find out there was really nothing to be feared. <br />
<br />
I hope you post this story on the Thong Wears Message Board too. <br />

love it love it!! proud of you for doing something exciting, sounds like its changed things for you.. we need more girls like you down where im from, on the beaches here chicks wear boardies and i dont recall ever seeing a girl in a thong on a beach or even seeing any for sale.. ya definatly my kinda gal just for bein so brave!!!

@kiwoo1992 Just go for it and wear a thong on the beach. I did it in Spain a couple of years ago on the beach and then in Thailand and it is the greatest feeling in the world. So exhilarating and who cares what people think?!

Hi nice to read this one. I belong to India and its a very orthodox country by average. First time when we had been to europe, I saw many girls wearing a bikini casually and was shocked. My husband encouraged me to wear a bikini but I was pretty shy. We had a honeymoon couple in the neighbouring hotel room and my Hubby told the couple casually about this on breakfast table. then the girl, Katya told me that she will accompany me by using a bolder version thats a thong. I could just dare because of her and was in bikini with her by luchtime after a long convincing. Later almost time I was in bikini only for the vacation period and last day tried thong too. I remembered this after reading yours one. Keep it up !!

You go girl...

I would have loved to see you in that swim suit !There is nothing better than seeing a beautiful girl barly covered on the beach. It shows alot of confidence because you now people are looking at you some think you look great the other think you should not be wearing something that skimpy. these are the people that are just jealous because they could not pull it off because of there size. It is easier for a woman than a man! I mean women look better in a thong than a man does , that is what I think. That does not stop me though, I am in good shape and have been on the beach and have felt the looks alot. So way to go and I hope you continue to wear a thong at the beach.

such a great story. i luv seeing a girl in a skimpy bikini. almost prefer it to naked.<br />
so sexy and feminine with her girly parts barely covered. her azz accentuated by only a piece of string. like a sexy piece of meat basically.<br />
<br />
at first you observe just her body and how hot she looks. and then you think what a naughty girl and assume this is a girl who definately likes to get naughty in the bedroom.

I'm glad you got out there and did what you like. I went to Jamaica for my birthday, brought some thongs, but didn't wear them. now I regret it. I'm a guy though and I think it's harder for us. <br />
<br />
it was definitely the tail end of the spring break season so there were lots of college aged kids around. so I decided to not stand out too much. in fact there was only one girl in a thong.

Well done girl!! Love to see a woman in a micro thong. More women and men should wear the. I certainly do. It's good also to find fellow thonger on the beach!!Let us know more about your thonging> Enjoy!!

Thong's all the time now go for it girl

You go girl!

You only live once and if you felt comfortable and have the body to carry it off ... why not.<br />
<br />
God made us all beautiful and I wish I knew that when I was your age ...