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Should Men Wear Thongs? Girls Please Comment On This

i am a 16 year old boy who wears things and g-strings. what do all you girls out there think about a man wearing thong panties. please leave your comments.

thongboy thongboy 16-17 64 Responses Jun 14, 2009

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I'm a thirty year old man who loves to wear thongs. It started about 5 yrs ago as a joke one night I put a pair of my wife's VS things on. They were super bright hot pink lol. When she came to bed that night I was laying on top of the covers kinda posing in them for her, thinking she would just get a good laugh out of it. Turns out she found it extremely hot and sexy to see me wearing them and she was so turned on we had the best sex we have ever had that night. As for me I found them to be so comfortable I started wearing some of hers almost daily, until I was able to find some men's thongs which offer a little more support. And if anybody thinks its not manly for a guy to wear thongs I am a professional and a volunteer firefighter, so I'd say I've got the manliness covered.

At your age u will be teased. I like bikinis, especially women's. Panties are wonderful. Wear want you want!

does it matter if a person is fit or not cause i would feel self conscious about wearing a thong even though i wouldn't show anyone

A man can wear what he wants. It depends on the day and the clothes I wear. I have boxers, briefs, and thongs. My wife doesn't care what I wear. As long as it is comfortable, is what I want. I'm straight but it doesn't matter what you are. Just find some good men's thongs for men.

Simply want to say your comment is really surprising. The transparency in your post is just nice and I can assume you specialize in this subject. Fine, with your permission let me use your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the good work. hot sexy wear

Wouldn't wear anything else. So sexy...check my avatar. The string is so hot

Well I were thongs, G-strings, jock strap and briefs, and all of my undies are very conftable and I am 30 year old black male

I prefer gstrings. I wear both men's and women's as VS offers more options on the spot. The one in the photo is really comfortable and sexy! It's like I'm wearing nothing. I am straight but really find men in thongs and g strings sexy. Recently wore one to the beach and this is hard to explain but felt so powerful.

I am 36 years old and have been wearing thongs for 21 years. It started when my girlfriend bought me some from shopko named Brute brand. She thought they were super hot. I quickly found them comfortable and sexy myself. Over the years I have owned nearly 1000 different thongs. Nearly every brand I came across I would try if it looked made well, which many companies have not clue or don't wear them themselves. In my experience, Calvin Klein and Joe Snyder Rio thongs are fantastic. My most favorite are the SkinZ. You can get them lined or unlined as for whether you want them as underwear or a swimsuit and the materials stretch much better than any I have tried. Most of the undergear thongs were a let down. I mostly buy SkinZ more than anything. I love variety and colors. I also have different narrow Rio's that are wonderful as well. I love their wide variety of styles and materials and you can order any fabric in any style. After being pampered by them I can't go anywhere else. Just make sure you buy the right size. Some women are closed-minded about males wearing thongs. I only date women who find it enjoyable and are turned on by them. A nice *** is a nice ***. Most women love a guy's *** that is tight and pretty to look at and a thong just accents a nice *** and is pleasing to the eyes, male or female. People need to quit judging and just let everyone express themselves in anyway they want. In nature we are resistant to different things that others do that most don't. Instead of judging something different, try to respect that it is different and possibly unique which either will add to the variety which is the spice of life, or acknowledge that different is ok but not for you which will help you enjoy appreciate your own choice more.

Completely agree. The weather here has been warm so I've been going with thongs at a secluded beach. Me and an older couple who were nude. At 60, they both still wear thong underwear. A buddy of mine is getting into them and I've been going bi and guys love em, girls are mixed. Check out muscle skin online. You can customize your thongs. Bought 5 and they can go both suit or underwear. Keep up the good work. Guys have more curve to their backside and I think they are super hot on men. Hence the bi run. Check it out...

I am a 44 year old man and have been wearing thongs for about two years. What started my experimenting with thongs was after we moved to Florida and i found my underwear getting soaked while doing yard work. So I stopped wearing underwear for a couple weeks. Cargo shorts and no underwear equals no support at all. So I tried jock straps. And well my wife complained about the waste band riding up. I really didn't care because it was cooler. One night while searching for an alternative to jock straps I found the Calvin Klein mens thongs. So I said what the hell and I ordered a pair. After trying that first pair I soon realized that they were the most comfortable pair of underwear I had ever tried. Boxers have no support, I hated the wedgies with tighty whities, boxer briefs; both cotton and moisture wicking ride up my thighs and instead of having to deal with a wedgie I'd be having to pull them down on my legs.

In short; thongs give the support I want and keep me cooler. The stigma of you must be gay or something to like having a thong in your butt crack is a total crock of &$?!. And whoever would think that or say that needs to check their own sexuality. You don't even know it's there. If every guy would have to wear a thong for a week...well I would buy stock in every manufacturer that made mens thongs because they would be flying off the shelves!

Freshpair is in my opinion the best place to buy them.

I don't mind my thongs up my ***

Once you get past the string up the bootay, its like there's nothing there

Hi theres nothing wrong with wearing womens underwear. Im 28 and wore thm since a was 14 and I love thm and dnt care who knows or sees thm. Iv got every kind ov womens ones x

I see no problem with that. They may fit your anatomy better. I prefer on the other hand to have a thong support and cup my genitals without being constricted yet fit like a thong should.

i m a guy and I love wearing thongs, they are hot. go for it.

hey i say go for it btw im a guy i wear them all the time there very comfy and soft

I am a middle Age straight man, and I do ware thongs exclusively. They are comfortable and supportive. I ware tight jeans and it is almost impossible to get them on over any other kind of underwear.

Thong guy

Thongs are some of the most comfortable inner wear out there. Men's thongs are also really comfortable. It just takes getting used to that's all. When you're wearing thongs you wonder whether you've actually worn something down there or not cause they're so tiny and snug, where as with boxers it's like wearing two la<x>yers of clothing. People might say that it's a constant wedgie or floss for your bum , but once you get over that you will wanna throw your boxers and your briefs out. I'm a man and I've been wearing thongs for 9 years now, I'm 24. If you want support and want to wear something barely there, thongs are the way to go, Japanese ones especially.

I agree. If you have the right fit, and once you get used to wearing them, there is nothing that can compare to the comfort and support.

Hi babe I would love to see you in a thong, xxxx

I would love to see you in a male tight thong babe.

yep... people say thongs are like but floss! wrong!!! you cant even notice the thong part! boxers, boxer briefs, tightywities, bikini briefs all bunch up an gives you a wedgie that is acctually like having butt floss the size of the titanic

What I like best about thongs is well made ones are cupped just right and my parts aren't flopping around everywhere inside and they are right where I want them. No wedgies to worry about and they look great. They make you feel sexy too. Yes guys like to feel sexy too.

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sorry bro. panties dont work very well. no pouch. get thongs made for men. right now i am wearing a cocksox thong. fabric is outstaning and the pouch fits great.

The best internet site is E bay also has some good choices.

You should not wear panties thongs there is man thongs you can order them at eBay and there really comfy <br />
And look great.:)

Yes, the front is cut differently.

Im 12 and only wear thongs i keep it to myself only. My sister whos 17 doesnt care she buys them for me we can only get girl thongs cause if i order them my parents would find the man thongs. I think guys wearing thongs is normal my girl friend is also in on it and likes me wearing them.

your so lucky that you sister doesn't care.. any tips though on how to get any thongs or g strings?

Order online, have them sent to a trusted friend or girlfriend and do your own laundry so no one will find them if you are trying to keep them from parents.

If your sister has an internet account, and a credit card, she can get them for you, at

I wish my sister would do that how did you get her to

I started wearing them at 15 but I always did my own laundry and I insisted on it. My parents were very against it since they are super religious but by then I was 18 and they had no right or say in my choice.

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I'm a guy and I wear thongs... Well the only reason I wear them is because I'm gay, but there good

I Think Its Fine For a Male To Wear Thongs And G-Strings It Sexy And I Can Wear Skinny Jeans With Out Getting A Weggie And There Very Comfertable Very! Girls Please Comment if It Bad

Oh God yes! I wear really tight jeans. Can't them over any other kind of underwear. Even bikini briefs don't work.

Nothing wrong with a thong, for men and women alike, very comfortable and sexy minimal underwear, for those who do wear underwear at least. Underwear covering bottoms is essential for babies only.

whatever floats your boat i guess. Thats what I like about being woman. Even men want to have the luxuries we have i guess.

We can and do :)

i am a 19teen year old guy and i like to wear pink girls thongs and bras and high heels and stockings

I have been wearing them since I was 16 and I am 40 now and still wear them. so keep wearing them and enjoy. the girls seem to like them and when you are not shy about it I think it turns them on even more

I would agree - confidence goes a long way.

im a 19 yr old male i wear thongs and g strings they are realy comfy i used to wear them just to ********** but i wore them more often and i now wear them everyday best underwear out

im a 19 yr old male i wear thongs and g strings they are realy comfy i used to wear them just to ********** but i wore them more often and i now wear them everyday best underwear out

Woman have redisigned most of mens clothes to suit them, all we asking is to wear discreetly the thing is that so much to ask, granted

If I knew no other wise IDC its just underware unless I see a whale tail then I'm gonna rip the butt floss painfully from you and beat your ***

Started to wear thongs several years ago. I wore cotton boxers and tighty whities in my 20's. The cotton would stretch and become uncomfortable in dress pants and jeans. I tired mirco briefs and bikinis, but it wasn't until I ran across thongs that I had the comfort level and support I was looking for. I'm so pro wearing thongs, that I ordered some thong swimwear for the beaches. Now just have to find one to wear them at within the " decency laws". Besides, why do "women" only get to feel SEXY.

i think thongs are awsome and i wish i had the courage to were one :(

Just start by ware them around the house. When you get comfortable with that, ware then out, under your jeans. You get used to them. After a while, you will not want to ware anything else. Trust me!

Just do it!

I am 30 and have been wearing thongs for over 5 years now and I think wear them if you feel good in them, I think they look great on most guys and if you like to wear them if you don't like them on a guy don't look (simple). I also wear thongs when I teach Yoga and Pilates as they give great support, i only wear mens thongs and g-strings as they give the best support.