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C String Question For Guys and/or Girls

Guys and gals, according to teh interwebs, the C string allows for no panty lines whatsoever, pretty much no tan lines, and possibly less embarassment - If you bend over, wearing a black C string, people are more likely to think you are wearing no underwear. Who makes a big deal out of that? GUYS: If there was a C string for guys, would you where it or at least try it? I don't think you can cross dress in a women's C string.... Update: Apparently there are now men's C strigs out there. So yeah, would you try one? GIRLS: Would you want to see your/a man in a C string? Would you like to wear one yourself?
Trozei Trozei 18-21, M 34 Responses Aug 6, 2009

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I have several male c-strings. The pouch should be plenty big with a male version so I am wondering if it was a female c-string that was mislabeled. I wore one all day today. Climbing in and out of vehicles while wearing a 12-inch miniskirt. Walking. Sitting. No problems. Bend the rigid wire into a tight "u" shape. Hold the c-string over the genitals with one hand, carefully tucking the scrotum and the penis comfortably into the pouch so that the c-string is tight against the body. Holding that in position, spread the buttocks while standing erect without bending, pulling the end of the rigid wire tight against the perineum and the anus as far upward as possible. Relax the buttocks. The wire should be completely hidden from view from the rear. If you do that it should stay perfectly in place. It is so comfortable it is almost as good as going commando but with support. Several states require that only the genitals be covered so it would be totally legal to wear in such places as the Oregon State Fair if you would choose to do so.

I got one today.......very comfortable!!!!

Ordered 4 mens c strings is it confortabe the second u put it on. I'm looking forward to reciving them

Just bought one, cant wait to wear it on the Beach this summer

I wear a c string myself and I think is very s*exy. I'm not gay, just like to show my body.

I'm a guy and just where ladies g strings would like to where a c string if I can get n place that sell then .I'm not gay just love ladies g strings

c-string is really sexy... next to being naked

Im a guy and i would wear a girls c string but then agaim i wear girl thongs everyday! :)

Just ordered one, Let you know what there like, if they work.

Sounds good!

Still waiting for delivery, whats that 4 days - Oh! Well it was free delivery.

Any luck?

Still waiting, would you believe, the company staites Uk based - where I am, but I have a feeling it's going to come from China or Hong kong - Which I don't really mind, but if there any good I want to order a few before the price goes up.-


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I wonder if it still stays in place when we get an erection and I get a very hard erection so that I can hang my towel on my C**K

damn right i'd try them... anything for fun... at least once

I am a Male, And I have 3 of them, I love them, I have no issues with them staying in place, Iwish Iwould have known about them when Iwas younger.<br />
Straight, Black Male, 35 yrs old Athletic build.

Somewhere in the late 70s/early 80s the C-string for women appeared on the beaches. I saw the first one "live" at the beach near St Tropez, France. It was a very sexy sight, especially when you know it is held by just the force of a spring. Later I tried to make one for myself from some thin fabric and the wire from a coathanger. After some adjusting the form, it was quite comfortable to wear. It was a thong model with a small triangle at the rear. But the wire was not the right material so in the middle of the beach it snapped.<br />
Much later I found a better material and started again. I made models with a little T at the rear and others with just a straight up end. The T version was more comfortable because it rests on the top of your buns.<br />
The feeling of not having the pressure of the sidestraps is sexy but I still prefer thongs and strings.

hi guys,since 8 years im wearing thongs,and suddenls stopped wearing those for a i would like to try with a c-string

I find it a little hard to keep the C-string in place. I do wear it but perhaps I'm not wearing it right. If there is a correct way to wear it, let me know. It is still a nice piece of underwear that I enjoy wearing. It is comfortable.

There's a video on youtube - Two lovely ladies show you how to wear one. the dance floor clip is funny.

I was initially hesitant just like many of those that have previously posted. For the record, I am a married male who has been wearing thongs and g-strings for some time now. After coming across the c-string for men I began my research. Once I felt I had a good grasp and read enough reviews I decided to give it a whirl. I can honestly say I've had no problems with it staying in place and was beyond comfy. Never one to shy away from something new as far as mens underwear is concerned im certainly glad I gave c-strings a try!

I got one. Slips on real easy and stays there fine. Very comfortable but not great when aroused. Will put a pic on my profile if anyone is interested. let me know

I'd like to see it.

pics up

Someone write back when they try it, and tell use how the hell to put it on lol

I bought a matching pair for my wife and me and she was a little bit skeptical so to proove to her that it was ok I field tested it by wearing it at work and at first it was a little weird but overall it was very comfortable. And I didn't tell the wife that I tested it until I got home from work and once I told her how it was she couldn't wait to try hers out and now we are looking to buy more

I have one and wear it when I can't be nude

i just bought 2 c strings one crotchless they are great , plus you dont have to get undressed to put them on, very comfy and no panty line .ps just posted some pics

sounds like a whole lotta fun mansboy....

I'd certainly give it a try...

i have purchased a blue male c-string and what a waste of money it's ok when you are sat or lay down but you can not walk with it on as it slides down rubbish stick 2 your g-strings i am

I would buy a men's model in a second. If someone finds a company that makes them, TELL ME!

I would try one to at least know how it feels and if it will stay there. Wouldn't replace all my thongs and g-strings with a c-string.

I have now been a wearer of G-string's since I was 17 (1980), my 1st pair being purchased through a promotion The Sun ran as purchasing G-strings all those years ago was not easy, my boyfiend who is now my husband brought them.<br />
<br />
The feel of wearing them at 1st was a little strange and they were only worn on an evening out, I can remember hand washing them in the sink so my mother didn't know I had them, as time went on mail order companies sprang up selling sexy underwear so it became easyer to come by and my collection became vast, my wearing of them became longer until I wore them all the time, at work, at home, in the gym, on the beach, at my husbands request I sometime wear a thong styled version to bed.<br />
<br />
And now to the C-string, I purchased 3 just before Christmas 2009 to wear one under my clingy dress for the works party, road tested one 1st under a skirt for a few hours to enure I could keep it on while moving around, everything seemed fine so went ahead and wore a nice black one under my dress.<br />
<br />
I had no trouble from it on the dance floor, I had visions of leaving it on the dance floor as I left the dance floor! I told a few close friends at the party I was wearing a C-string to replies of "what" however they all seem to want to have look at it! (only the girls though)<br />
<br />
The feeling of it is a little different to a G-string in that you don't get the sensation of the tight string over your anus, but that aside there seem to be no real difference, I won't be replacing my G-strings with the C-string, I will keep the C-string for wearing under dresses and maybe one day I might be brave enough to try it on the beach.

I think! it is not possible if it is may be i try one.

As a guy that loves wearing many different styles of underwear, I'd love to give the c-string a shot. Didn't find one made specifically for men, thought about ordering one but it looks a bit small in the front to keep things in order. If they'd add a little more room and/or a pouch, I'd order one in a flash, I think it looks like it'd be fun to try.

I'd be interested in trying the male version, mainly out of curiosity.

I agreee. I'd rather go naked.