I Wear Thongs!!!

    The first time I wore a thong was in 8th grade it all started when I was at a friend house it was summer and we were hagging with these 3 girls and we were playing monopoly and her friend was laying on the ground and her white thong was just hagging out of her pants and her friend saw it and grab them and started to give her a wedgie her friend jump on her and lay-ed on her hand to stop her from grabbing her thong and stoping her then  the one grabbing her thong sat on her legs and then they both told me to grab her thong and rip and pull it tell it came off i ripped it off and i started to laffed and they ran at me and grab my underwear briefs and ripped them off me and then I said dam I need new underwear she said all I got is thongs and they gave me a black one and pushed me in the bathroom and made me put it on I did and I liked it and they made me model it and they said i looked hot in it so they gave 4 thong and said I should start waring them and I started to and now I am in 11Th grade and I ware them all the time all my friends know and they nickname me ThongKing and that my story on how i started to ware thongs.

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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

lol i agree,im 19 and i wear thongs too,but when im at school i wear boxer briefs over them or just wear boxers/boxerbriefs...its weird tho because i used to get alot of wedgies to the poin where I enjoyed the feeling lol and the when i first saw a thong i had curiosity for a thong and now i wear them best underwear ever =)