Dave Warneke Experience 3: G String Awareness

I've posted numerous times how I love wearing thongs, how my girlfriend and I love to wear thong underwear together and how I think more men ought to get into thong wearing. 

Recently, I found a video made by someone who isn't a thong wearer, but tries wearing a G-string for one week to see what it is like. Although the video is meant to be tastefully humorous I think you might gain a little insight toward understanding a heterosexual man's possible attraction toward wearing thong underwear made for men.  I think there's a significant percentage of ordinary men out there that have a genuine curiosity in wearing G-strings and thong underwear designed for men, but would never wear a thong or G-string purely due to the social stigma of men wearing thong underwear.  I believe this is the same reason why you'll find scads of videos showing young men participating in various pranks involving at least one of the pranksters parading around in a thong or G-string publically.   It is obvious that these pranks are performed mostly for humorous reasons, but I contest there may be elements of personal enjoyment at some level by some of the participants.


Getting back to the link: The link below is to a video showing Warneke's experience of wearing a G-string for one week.  I recommend watching the entire video from beginning to end (it's only 7 or 8 minutes of your time), but if you haven't the time then be sure to listen to Warneke giving a summary/conclusion at 6:07 ~ 6:20.


ManThongReview ManThongReview
36-40, M
Mar 15, 2010