Serious Question About Men Wearing Thong Underwear

I've been purchasing and wearing thong underwear made for men for about ten years now.   I've got a tough question and would like to hear from men and women, equally if possible.  

Should men who wear thongs shave their hair near the thong area or possibly their entire legs?

Honestly, I like my hair simply because it’s something that makes me look like a guy.  I'm not trying to look feminine in thong underwear either, I actually think thongs styled after jock straps look rather manly. 

Tell me what you think!

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Sometimes I shave down completely but as I'm not very hairy in the first place, I usually just shave down my pubes and keep the legs, chest, etc natural

I don't like to shave closely. Luckilily I'm not that hairy, trimming my pubic hair and between my cheeks somewhat once in a while will do, at least in my opinion.

For comfort and support thongs are better. I've worn both sport style boxers and thongs and thongs were better for workouts and long runs. Problem I have is with my inner thighs built up from dead lifting, so they tend to rub. With boxers I always have to pull my junk up every now and then just like a baseball player on national tv.

I am a 44 year old man and have been wearing thongs for about two years. What started my experimenting with thongs was after we moved to Florida and i found my underwear getting soaked while doing yard work. So I stopped wearing underwear for a couple weeks. Cargo shorts and no underwear equals no support at all. So I tried jock straps. And well my wife complained about the waste band riding up. I really didn't care because it was cooler. One night while searching for an alternative to jock straps I found the Calvin Klein mens thongs. So I said what the hell and I ordered a pair. After trying that first pair I soon realized that they were the most comfortable pair of underwear I had ever tried. Boxers have no support, I hated the wedgies with tighty whities, boxer briefs; both cotton and moisture wicking ride up my thighs and instead of having to deal with a wedgie I'd be having to pull them down on my legs.In short; thongs give the support I want and keep me cooler. The stigma of you must be gay or something to like having a thong in your butt crack is a total crock of &$?!. And whoever would think that or say that needs to check their own sexuality. You don't even know it's there. If every guy would have to wear a thong for a week...well I would buy stock in every manufacturer that made mens thongs because they would be flying off the shelves!

i wear thongs and g-strings and shave/wax my whole body.

I've been wearing thong underwear & swimsuits for about 15 years. I shave completely except for the hair on my head and arms. In my opinion, it looks better and definitely feels better.

I now shave my stomach, ***, lower back and the bikini area of my legs for that clean look. I'm not really a hairy guy to begin with, but surprisingly there's still a lot to shave. I really like how my stomach looks shaved. I still do not want to shave my entire legs though. I've always shaved my pubic area since the age of 20 or so.

like my underwear to be as brief as possible. things for men is a good idea but i will use one which has only a thread that goes in the but crack and front should be enough to hold ****! balls should be free from holds. i shave around my **** regularly but never shave legs! so i definitely think shaving the **** area will make it more sexy and feel more sexy! Thanks for the great idea!

I still want to keep my legs natural, but have now included small areas of my legs that are close to my thong. I believe the term might be shaving the 'bikini area' - meaning just outside the covering of the bikini/thong/whatever. I like the smooth look.

i wear thongs too

More power to you!

Actually we are more into nudism but obviously one has to wear clothes sometimes and a couple we definitely prefer thongs as underwear. They look sexy, your back is bare, the string gives a nice feeling. Our favorite models are seethrough thongs as made by Eros Veneziani, really a great brand for sexy underwear in Europe. And with reagrd to shaving, yes, surely yes; being smooth is so much better for any reason, it looks good, it's much better for oral sex, it's elegant when wearing minimal underwear (like thongs). That means, both men and women.

Well stated and I'm in full agreement. Thanks for your comments!

i shaved my pubis hair all the time from above my thongs to bottom but dont shave legs

i am a man and i wear thong underwear i only shave my pubic hair when it starts to grow back

I've been wearing thong underwear & swimsuits for quite a long time. My preference is shave completely, including legs and underarms. It feel cleaner and neater and I think.....looks better.<br />
It's a personal choice

I used to wear 2(X)ist bikini briefs, NEVER BOXERS! I likes the way the 2(X) looked and felt on me. I never thought of wearing anything different until one of my best friends told me he wore thongs. He said they were comfortable and the best underwear he ever wore. I was skeptical until I tried them, Joe Boxer Thongs. Gotta tell you..they are the only underwear I wear. I am kinda healthy in the crotch area and they have great support. My wife likes the way they look on me as well. <br />
I used to trim my pubes but a year ago I started shaving and love the look and feel of being smooth

Im a guy and I bought my first thong a few years ago off line, I wear them to bed and a few times to work. But i just love the feeling off them. Im straight and think there is nothing wrong with a man wearing what ever he wants. I never would wear them in front of my girl friend. But she has seen my wear a bikini style underwear, which was tight in the back and would look like a thong when it rode up, She laughed at first but I don't think she cared.

I make sure that I shave my bikini area. I like to shave the "landing *****" above my penis (about the same width). I always loved the landing ***** on women and have had one myself since college. My balls are totally smooth (my GF loves it) and I also shave the underneath area too. As far as my legs go, I shave a bit at the top, next to my bikini area, but that's about it.<br />
<br />
I'm also getting tired of shaving & am considering getting waxed next spring/summer. Since I regularly wear bikinis & thongs to the beach & pool, I'd like a cleaner look that requires less maintenance than shaving every week.

I used to trim or shave or get a brazilian wax and wished the hair would just stay away. Being smooth feels cleaner and more comfortable. Six months ago I decided to try laser hair removal and the experience has been worth every dollar. I only wear thongs and I think they look better against the smooth skin. No more shaving or ingrown hairs and the skin is soft. Another benefit is the whole area is more sensitive too. My favorite thongs are the the softer, smoother materials and there are a great selection of colors and materials to choose from on the internet. It's fun to wear a bright colored thong under my clothes and know I am completely smooth underneath. Once in a while at the gym someone will ask where I bought my thong and compliment how good it looks. It seems like a simple personal decision really, they feel comfortable, they hold "everything" better and I think more guys would wear them if they knew how much fun they are. I put it on and forget about it. I've been wearing just thongs for more than ten years. Cheers to all those who give it a try!

As my thongs are extremely scant I feel better and more confident shaving the entire groin area. I have enjoyed wearing a micro thong on a beach.

I thing not too much hair, but as you said, you shave a little, its good, i like hairy chest and back, and the thong looks great too, but i like shaved chest and back too, i think that i like men in thong no matter the hair, but not silly man....

I like wearing thongs and did for several years but last year I got very sick and gained a lot of weight.<br />
<br />
Since January I lost 40 lbs and I am wearing thongs again. I think I still need to loose 10 or 15 more pounds to get to look the way I want in a thong.<br />
<br />
I also shave my ****, balls, butt and ***. Both for looks and cleanliness.<br />
<br />
Many years ago when I first began to wear only bikini or thong underwear my wife made fun of me for wearing "panties". But over the years she got used to it. Now it is the only underwear she buys me.

One thing I like about thongs (for anyone, girl or guy) is that you tend to stay motivated to keep in shape, at least that's the case with me.

agree'd DK

I'm lucky, I'm not a hairy person naturally. However some"manscaping" is required (i feel) on my upper thighs. Still have hair but like to tell where the leg hair starts and the underwear ends. never had a complaint yet, even when i am lazy and go a week or so without shaving. My brother(twin) tried thongs a couple times when we were younger but he didn't like shaving his ****'n'stuf so it looked a little silly to me. I only wear thongs made for men too.

ya i shave cause it looks weird when hair sticks out... its great u wear thongs .. my girlfriends is ok with it to but its funny cuz it supprises her when she sees it haha.. i dont wear them daily but they are comfy

I forgot to say that I do shave my balls and pubic area. I keep my balls free of all hair and my pubic area very short and neat. This is really gross, but I also shave my rectum area, more for practical reasons than anything else, but it helps with thong wearing too. I've never shaved my legs and they are quite hairy. I have a lot of hair on my belly button as well. You can see it on my profile picture despite the small size of the photo.

Personally, I wear thongs underwear made for men of cotton. Very comfortable. I also shave my balls and pubic area almost always and sometime let some grow above my **** and become creative a bit with the design. Nothing big, just like ***** vs. patch. I also trim my *** and ******* with a beard trimmer to make it a more pleasent place for a babes mouth to be if she is going to eat my ***.<br />
<br />
Short story shorter, make it sexy and get her opinion on what sexy is for her....

Thanks for the comment, that was totally informative. No, I've never gone out in public in a thong, but I think I'd do so in a bikini. I don't know why, but I love to wear very little (just a thong) and walk around the house. sometimes I go out on the balcony where the neighbors might catch a glimpse. I have a girlfriend and she's good with my thong wearing practice. Since I'm not really 100% public in a thong I guess I need not shave just yet.