I Finally Did It!

After years of wanting to wear tights on a regular basis i found a way to wear tights everyday and still be secretive about it. for two whole weeks ive worn tights under my jeans to classes and sleep and wear then under shorts around the houseĀ on certain days. i wish i could have done this sooner i love the feeling of them on my legs so much.
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11 Responses Apr 2, 2012

good for you! It was shortly before you posted this story that I did the same and it's opened up my life in so many ways. I've done so much more stuff in the past week now (as I'm sure you've read) and I've never been happier. Although most of my happiness comes from sharing my secret with my cousin but just that sharing it with her is like the key to the door I've been wanting to open or break down and the door is open to a whole new world. I know how it is to think about what the "next step" is and what difficulties there may be and why it might not be such a good idea to just jump right in and take that step, but sometimes no matter how long you wait to take that step (or how soon) it's just so great to have taken it... just take it! you know? Don't let your worries weigh you down too much. Yes it may seem tricky to do and keep secrets but if you're too worried about it, you're never going to move on and it seems by reading your other experiences you're taking steps forward and that's great, just as I have been as well so I know what you're going through and I'm sure you know what I'm going through.

oh and what I mean by don't worry about it is to not worry about what complete strangers think. They may give you stares, even mean stares sometimes, but that shouldn't hurt you, and if they do know who are they going to tell? they don't know you, they don't know anyone you know. they may not like it but short of verbal or physical abuse (which they're not likely to do in plain view unless they're seriously f-----ed up) they can't do anything to you.

I never wear long pants or jeans without tight or pantyhose on. I started in my late 20's and wish i had earlier, but my first wife was not crazy about my wearing. Sooo glad my wife now avvepts it

I do it often myself. Plus I've found some nice knee high nylon dress socks, with a bit of compression, work well to. So that way I can alternate between them.

Amazing isn't it, we can wear tights, or pantyhose, along with panties and even a bra under drab male clothes, enjoying the look and feel sexy thoughout the day without it being any big deal.<br />
My only suggestion is what ever you wear under your clothes, including tights, change them daily.. It is not only good hygene but keeping clean will make them last much longer too.

This has been a good tights-wearing winter for me too. Whenever the temperature is forcast to be below 10 celsius I will be wearing tights under my jeans or trousers. I am well on the way to considering tights as "normal" clothing, and most of the time I forget I'm wearing them.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

I do the same.its a wonderful feeling. Especially after I have freshly shaved my leggs.

I have to admit with you tightsnhoselvr, that is exactly how I started wearing all day. I know it's not exactly wearing out & about with just shorts but I do wear under my jeans as much as I possibly can do, nothing feels better than sheer glossy tights against your legs all day.

It does feel great to wear them for long periods. I've gone for two months without any cotton ever touching my skin (except for a towel after showering). Aside from changing into fresh hose, I kept them on under my regular clothes.

So jealous! Keep going... add a cute skirt!

Wonderful for you sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />