Ohch!!!! That Hurt

well i am actullyy 11 and i wear tighty whightys. i have this older sister and she had her friend come over so the friend was my exgireffriend. we both liked 2 other pepole so we just broke up. but i was in my room and she and my sister came in my ex gave me a wedgie. i had wight underwear with batman on it. so my sister came and gave me a hanging wedgie.she is 13 and 5'5 and i am 11 and3'11. so i am like 6 feet off the ground my mom didnt care much about her doing what she dose 2 me.and my dad wa on a bussness trip so it is like almost 4:00 and they say we will leave i am left for 3 houhs. my under wear hant ripped so my exgave me a atomic wedgie.i had to stay in that till 10. so after that they both give me a hnnging wedgie and they say u will etier say in it for 20 houhs or til it rips. so 20 houhs later i am sill up thet i get fed.so my ex is about 2 leave and she gives me a tomic wedgie and this one acully got stuck and i had to sit throughit for the rest of the day

this was in chriamas break i just posted cause i juist found out a bout the website.

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Your 11 and have an ex girlfriend

Just don't wear them. All they do for you is to get tight and hurt. Underwear is a completely unneeded and uncomfortable waste.