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I Wear Tighty Whiteys

I'm a middle-aged guy who's gone full circle.  As a kid I wore traditional tighty-whities.  They were cut fuller in those days, there was nothing sexy about them.  The waist bands used to have a colored red, blue or black dash in the elastic.  I used to check out the underwear models in the Sears and Montgomery Ward catelogies!  Looking back, that was the "internet" of its time.  That's also where I saw my first boxers.  No one wore boxers in those days.  But then 10th grade (age 15) came along in the 70's and I started wearing (white) boxers while most guys were still wearing white briefs.  Jockey might have been the first to come out with colored tighty-whities.  I had a pair of navy blue and a pair of maroon ones with the white piping.  Boxers worked for me for a long time, but I got back on the right path a few years ago and now I wear tighty-whities most of the time. 

1)  They look good on most guys if the guys are trim.  I've lost weight the last couple years.  Boxers looked better on me when I wasn't so trim.
2)  The material is softer, more comfortable and the 100% cotton breathes better.
3)  I travel a lot.  They take up less room when packing.
4)  Did I say they're downright sexy?  Maybe part of this is male childroom fantasies going back to the Sears catelog days.  I get much more excited over a guy if I see in tighty-whities over boxers.  Even a glimpse of the waistband is a major turn on for me.  Guess I have a fetish, but I can think of worse things.  Regardless, tighty-whities make ME feel sexier.
5)  I like the black and gray ones too.  Last year Jockey came out with some retro colors.  Traditional tighty-whities remain my favorite.
6) I had a great time in my 20's (and 30's and 40's).  I'm more sexual now than I've been in years.  This seems to have started once I went back to wearing tighty-whities.   I've had no complaint from my partners. 

I don't ever recall being teased for wearing them in high school locker rooms; nor do  I get any flack in todays gyms.  Tighty-whities are hot!  When I get home, the office attire comes off and I sit around in my underwear for the evening watching TV, reading, or sitting on the computer as I am now.  Nothing's more comfortable.
Zane2 Zane2 51-55 7 Responses Jul 31, 2010

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Enjoyed reading your post Zane. We are roughly the same age, so we come from the same era. I am a lifetime wearer of classic style briefs. I too, never had any problems from anyone back in the day or today about my choice of underwear. Although not as popular as they were in our day, I believe briefs will come full circle with the next generation following the millennials as they will not want to be caught dead wearing boxer-briefs, trunks or boxers as many of us felt about boxers back in the day. It's all good. Thanks for your post and returning to the fold (briefs, that is).

I find myself going back to them.. I have a stock of Calvin Klein tighty whities,, a few colored calvins,, but most recently been getting Hanes full cut not ,with that nasty thick band.. And just got some staffords ... I think this is going back to the days as to why I'm finding myself here in this whole experience project. I've had a Hair Fettish that started in a ladies beauty shop. I was wearing tighty whities that day,, I was 17 waiting for a young gal to cut my hair.... This elderly beautician working there took me first so she could give me a shampoo. Embarrassed enough because I never had someone else wash my hair, the first time & its being done by an old lady that put on an old lady hair washing cape & towel on me, and shampooed me for a good 15 minutes... Then , I felt myself solidifying like quick drying cement down south.. I had those tighty whities on and tight jeans...humiliating , uncomfortable. I couldn't make any adjustments with my hand or squirm around because she was very firm in rubbing all that shampoo around and basically had my head captive as i lay back in a deep sink. But of course felt good in its own way,... Then I got addicted to getting my hair washed in that beauty shop, made sure I always wore those briefs because of the reaction I experienced wearing them... .The I saw another kid my age in there once, dropped of by his mom while she would return for him..... Like me, he did not expect to get his hair washed.. and you could tell by his reaction and his "fidgidy-ness in the chair as she was shampooing him./... But I remember, he was wearing tighty whities. I saw the band showing when he was in the waiting area leaning forward in the chair.... That there was kind of a turn on because he was wearing briefs and going to experience what I did probably for the first time as well. I was able to have a good view while the same old lady was washing his hair.. But i highly doubt he found it "hardening" like I did...... You could tell his embarrasement and nervousness while she did that 15 minute shampoo on him, he, dreading every minute of it...I enjoying every second..... There's a turn on to men wearing tighty whities and having their hair washed to me at least...

Men in briefs turn me on too but they must be white. I love to see the waistband over the top of men's pants, makes me hard too. I like swimmer jockstraps too and have a large collection of both white briefs and jockstraps.

As I get older , that is turning me on more as well..

I am glad you wrote what you did Festival42. I am partial to white myself.

I purchased many pairs of Tiger briefs, in white with blue and red dashes, excellent underwear,brings me back the days of my old JC Penny tighty whittes, nice full cut, waistband rides up just high enough comfortable and the waistband is sure to show

There is now a underwear company online that sells the double seated white briefs with the dashes on the waist band. They are great and they come with blue or red dashes. You can even purchase them in colors. Nothing like white briefs!! The best underwear ever made for men!

Your recollection of the Sears & JC Penny catalogs brought back fond memories to me. They were the mail order version of Internet **** back in those days for a young bi male. I would ********** to them often and always checked out the "bulges" on the models. Of course, back then unlike now where the model's actual bulge shows the real form of his **** and balls, all the boys and men wore some type of cup or device to make everything so smooth and rounded. We were so innocent in the late '60's and '70's. We had to use our imagination a lot more.

Whatever is comfortable for you, I went the whole route, living on your own really helped too, I think I've had every type that was made--basically I was an Undie-*****. Back in the days it was fun and I had an impressive collection, as I'm older now I've been wondering where the fun has gone--maybe time to check out the Sears and Penney's catalouges again!