Wedgies And Girls

I am a nerd, and have been ever since i started school ( i am 16 now) . I am not only a nerd but a stereotypical one as well, i need braces, i have thick glasses, my trousers are too short, i have a weird laugh, etc. I am constantly wedgied and pantsed, by every one, even girls are stronger than me, and i have only one friend. This friend i am talking about is a blonde cheerleader, with a smoking hot body, our friendship started a few years ago in grade 4 when she had to take me to the nurse as i had wet myself (we were both around 11 at the time), for some reason she found my geeky nature rather charming, as we both sat there, talking, waiting for the nurse to get me a new pair of underwear and trousers. So as you may have guessed, i have issues with my bladder, yes thats right,i wet myself, when i get nervous, and one day in senior 5 a bully wedgied me, giving me a fright, causing me to wet myself, i went to the nurse to get a change of briefs and trousers, this had happened a few times before, but this time enough was enough, the nurse told me, that from now on i'd have to wear diapers to school. I already wore diapers, but only at night, in bed, and the thought of going to school in them seemed very embarrassing, even for me! but unfortunately the nurse was very persuasive, and the next day i found myslef in a bulging, brightly colored nappy.

My friend, who i mentioned earlier, was at the school gate, she smiled at me, and gave me her usual greeting, she teased me about my geekiness and helped me with my bags. Then we had a nice conversation in the playground while we waited for the bell, i can't remember it 100% but here's how i remember it:

my friend: "so,nerd you got a girlfriend yet?"

me: "no, no one seems to be interested in me"

my friend: "i'm sure you'll find some one eventually, after all, a lot of girls like geeky guys!"

me: "like who?"

my friend: "me"

me: "really?!"

my friend: "yes"

me: "you're not just saying this to be nice are you?"

my friend: "no! you're much nicer than any other guy i know, and one day, you'll meet some one!"

me: "i...."

my friend: "what?

me: "can you..."

my friend: "you're stuttering again!"

me: "will you go out with me?"

my friend: " well i..."

just then, one of the bullies pantsed me and laughed as he ran off, my friend looked down, and saw my diaper.

my friend: "what's with the diaper?"

me: "i wet myself and now the nurse is making me wear them"

my friend: oh....

me: " so will y...

just then , my friend bent down, and pulled my trousers up

my friend: there you go,you looked cold with you're trousers down"

me: "oh.... thank you"

there was a silence for a few minutes before i attempted to ask again

me: "so will you go out with m.... me.."

my friend: "oh i've been waiting for that question since i first met you"

immediately afterwards a jock ran behind me, and gave me a nappy wedgie! I was hung onto a fence , and every one gathered round to see me being tortured again. i heard a girl in the crowd say "what a loser" and heard chanting of "BURN THE NERD! BURN THE NERD!" eventually, the bullies took my trouser down, showing my brightly colored nappy! every one laughed, and i wet myself. Every one took pictures with there phones, no doubt sending it to face book or something, and went inside when the bell rang. A few minutes later my friend, (now girlfriend) unhooked my wedgie and took me to the nurse.

"Oh look" said the nurse as we both came in to get me a fresh diaper and a pair of trousers, "just like all those years ago, when you were in year 4" she smiled at us and walked off to get my diaper. My girlfriend giggled and said it was fitting, i had to agree, but i found it hard to giggle, as i was standing around in the open, wearing nothing but a geeky sweater, and a wet nappy! The nurse came back with a teletubby diaper , saying that she was sorry, but those were the only ones left! my girlfriend laughed and said i would look cute in it. After i had put them on, and we were going out of the nurses office, my girlfriend said we should talk about our relationship, but i told her we had to get to class, as i had an important chemistry test, she giggled and said : "ok then geek, we can talk about it at break!"I raced up to my class, absorbed with happiness about my new found romance.

At break time we talked to each other, and basically, just agreed that if she could take me shopping, i could take her to a sci fi convention. At that point, a girl, one of my girl friends, friends, ran up to me and shouted:  " KEEP AWAY FROM MY FRIEND GEEK BOY" to which i backed off, intimidated. My girlfriend would have none of that though, and she shouted : hey don't be intimidated by her! be intimidated by ME! stand up for yourself!" to which her friend laughed, and pantsed me, revealing my teletubby diaper! immediately every one in the playground laughed, and i was given my usual share of pantsing and wedgies, afterwards my girlfriend unhooked me, looked at my nappy, giggled, and said "here we go again"


i will tell you more stories about me and my girlfriend soon

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i pissed myself at school and i had to wait in the nurses office nude cause they had to clean my clothes a girl saw my penis and laughed cause it was so small and she called my little baby penis boy

A nerd with a girlfriend? LIES!!! xD

this is a lie

my girlfriend gives me piggy backs still and were 14 :) but i wet myself at night and wear a diaper as well

You are 16 and you have a playground and your with same nurse from grade 4? This is all far fetched I can find ten other reasons why I think this story has some truth to it but probably mostly fake.

I have the same art teacher and secretary from elementary it's not far fetched at all

i feel like the people who did this should be skinned alive and burned to death no reason for what they did

There's no resin for that either just do the same thing to them

I see

bro its alright ive read them other stories where she was cheatin on you well win her back bro or at least get hr as a freind

hey I'm really only 12.

Please text me any one I need to talk to some one I'm just like this kid but without braces and no girlfriend please my number is 870-466-7150. I put that I'm 18 because I hate restictions because I'm really only thirteen

Please text me. At 870-466-7150 I'm the same way but without braces please text me I'm new to this website and need some one to talk to I only put that I'm 18 because I'm really only thirteen and I hate it when I put my real age and they won't let me look at stuff so please text me

God man. I know how u feel. I don't wet myself but the rest is pretty much my life. I have a really nice girlfriend too. She saved me from high schoolers yesterday.

Cute story. I'm glad you have such an awesome girlfriend.

and i say your all just being jerks. so quiet. feel bad for the poor (and not to be mean) nerdy kid

eyy its ok i wear whitie tighties too and i do it to GET ppl to wedgie and pants mee :) if anyone likes giving wedgies or pantsing ppl or even making ppl pee their pants im the one to ask :) :) :)

great story but this can't be real. no way!!

this is soooooooooo fake .. you're probally just a 45 year old man who hits his meat to these type of stories

so true

Dang I sorta have the same prob except for the school part

Nice ;) tell her rock on same tu u

I'm a smart nerdy jock :D<br />
I play soccer and I'm in honors class,and SW forever!

aww, your gf sounds awesome!!

I'm just like you except I'm a girl not a nerd or have braces or balder problems but I get pantsed and wedgied all the time by my sisters May ( oldest) and Sam ( youngest) I think I'm like the easiest person to wedgie out the three of us.

thx i appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll ask my girlfriend, she'll know, i'll tell you what she sais

Wow she is soooooooooo nice. Makeing me wish i was nicer to my boyfriend, hes a jock and a jerk to other nerdy kids! Do you think i should break up with him. Please ask your girlfriend if i should she seems like the right person to ask!! Please help!!!!